Why is graffiti good or bad?

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Why Is Graffiti Bad??

Im Making a Leaflet not to graffiti in school or anywhere else. Why is it bad to graffiti, i need help with some reasons? Thanks Much !!!!!!! =]


I do like some graffiti,,Yet look at it like this.. say you spend 100,000 on a building downtown to...

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Reasons on why graffiti is bad?

I'm doing a graffiti debate on "graffiti is art" and my team is against but i need some reasons on why graffiti is bad. please give me some reasons.


It's only bad when it is done on public or private property, when it is done legally, or on paper, it...

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Is my graffiti style good or bad?

http://i34.tinypic.com/33fanna.jpg (dats one) http://i33.tinypic.com/2ntwm6w.jpg (messed up on the N a lil) http://i34.tinypic.com/2zso6qb.jpg (its one of my favs) http://i35.tinypic.com/k3lixc.jpg (meh) http://i38.tinypic.com/29wknp.jpg (and finally...


i think you have a good start, but nothing really pops out a me. right now i think that you're characters...

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Why is graffiti bad? explain please?

what are the reasons that graffiti is bad? like the bad points?


gang signs, put on private property, cost to local ggovernments makes things look ugly, and half the...

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Why do you think graffiti is bad?

It is an art form no matter what it is, even the offensive graffiti is art it is a reflection of the society we live it. The only graffiti I don't agree with is on private property. If it public property there is nothing wrong with it.


It's not bad or good.......it's just too old fashioned !! Here's the link to a video showing the graffiti...

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Why is graffiti bad?

Now don't get me wrong, I don't support graffiti on things illegal, but you would think that as talented as some of the people that do it are, that companies like the railway system would do it to update their train cars--make them look a little less...


I think that all citys should have a area that kids and people can graffiti. Graffiti is a style of...

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Is graffiti good or is it bad?

i see graffiti every were and i wonder if its ggood


no i wouldnt say so

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Why Dont Graffiti Artists Get Good Recognition?

We should be payed for making the plain *** walls beautiful, and for standing up for what we believe in, AND for BomBin tha SYStem SUCkAs!!!! you guys may think we do it to vandalize, but we dont paint on your houses, we paint on public space that belongs...


Your guys ARE awesome artists, no doubt about it! The reason that you unfortunately don't get the respect...

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What is a good bad *** graffiti artist name?

i want some thing original that has stile and a good tone to it


Post a link to your work and it's easier to find a name.

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Do you think graffiti is art or vandalism?

i myself find it is the best artwork there is around but its in all the wrong places, ok on the sides of old cracked and falling down units i find it amazing some of the artwork you find like the other day i saw this massive angel, i do find it made...


graff art is some of the best art. everyone of course has their own views on what they think is considered...

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