Why won't Hotmail let me read my emails?

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Why wont hotmail let me read my emails?

When I login to my hotmail,and click on inbox,my list of emails shows up,weirdly in bold font.When I click on one of the emails,to read it,it doesnt react.At the left hand corner of the window it just says 'javascript:;' nothing else.Whats happening,how can I fix this?


Try turning Javascript of by pressing the left botton twice. Or if that doesn't work right hand click...

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Can you Mark all Hotmail Emails as Read? I am sure i used to be able to do it.?

Basically I have about 2000 hotmail emails and I want to mark them all as read but I do not want to go through 1 page at a time, I am sure i used to be able to do it but i forgot how, If anyone knows how please let me know thanks. :D


If you are not going to read them but just them as read, why not delete them and change your settings...

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How can i move all my folders and emails i have saved, from hotmail, to yahoo?

hotmail messed up and made everything a different language that i cannot read. And, it will not let me recieve any emails. I have had the same address for several years and have a lot of stuff there that i would like to keep. is there any way to move...


My first stop would be wikipedia or google for a quick reference. I actually had a similar question...

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Cant get on hotmail to read my emails is there another website i can read them 4 free?

i have tried ebuddy to read my emails but that only allows to chat via IM..is there any other sites that will allow me to read hotmail emails? Thanksxx


Try again now, wasn't working for me 20 minutes ago but is now.

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Can't open inbox in hotmail or read emails. clearing browsing data and cookies doesn't help?

Hotmail was working perfectly fine, until today, when I suddenly cannot access my inbox. I can sign in perfectly fine, but when I click "go to inbox" nothing happens. If I right-click it and press "Open in new tab" I can see what...



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Why are emails on one of my hotmail accounts being marked as read before i even read them?

It's only happening with one account not all I'm using web mail notifier to notify me of new emails and it does show a new email.But after some minutes it doesn't. I ...show more


Some one else has your email login details.

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Hotmail.com not working (can't read emails)?

im using IE to access my hotmail.com's emails. but i cant seem to be able to click on the email messages. the bottome left of the page states "done, but with errors on page". anyone knows how to fix this? i cant click into the email , i cant...


Don't worry you are not alone, i tried using safari, firefox, and even chrome, but i can't even read...

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How to read yahoo, gmail, aol, and hotmail emails on iphone or ipod touch ?

is it easy ? http://aide-iphone-faq.blogspot.com/2007/11/lire-emails-hotmail-gmail-yahoo-sur.html


Here's a link to a Yahoo! Mail Errors and Problems Reporting. http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail...

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Why won't it let me send emails to my friends who have hotmail?

It always comes back and says "MAILER-DAEMON- FAILURE NOTICE" How can I get it to let me send messages to hotmail?


idk try it again

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How do I fix my email account if it won't let me read my emails?

Out of the blue, my email lost its tool bar and I can't read the emails. I can see them and read the subject but I am afraid that something has invaded my mail. Help?


Try this easy and quick access: http://US.mc598.yahoo.mail.com/mc/launch I tried it and it now works...

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