Why won't yahoo chat let me in the chat rooms?

Let’s learn why won't yahoo chat let me in the chat rooms. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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the servers are down why not look at the other questions that asked the same question

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you tried the latest messenger ... http://messenger.yahoo.com/download.php .... and that fails , have...

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Well i sign into chat rooms in yahoo it wont let me chat in the rooms it says something about my verification?

so i click on the thing about my verification and it has me put in a code but then it still wont let me chat at all?????


You may be trying to enter a room for 18+

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Ive downloadded yahoo messenger but it wont let me get into chat rooms?

i have just downloadded yahoo messenger but i cant get in the chat rooms i want to be able to get in chat rooms so i can talk to new people and make new friends please help me


it is probably the server who is busy or if u have a slow internet connection it slows it down to the...

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Why does my account in Yahoo! Messenger won't let me in on Yahoo! Chat Rooms?

I have the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger..My brother uses my my laptop sometimes and I can see that he can enter the chat room, even the account of my neighbor who sometimes go to our house and use my laptop has access on chat room, what should...


You can learn from him. If he goes just fine, then you can ask him to show you how to get in the Chat...

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Why does yahoo let spam bots take over their chat rooms?

At times there will be someone in chat with over 40 bots.... huggy1 huggy2 huggy3 etc. etc. and they lock up the room to where no one can get in... any suggestions? Don't say go to yahoo help...cuz all they do is send an automated message tellin you...


Yahoo! doesn't let these pests take over, but some clever programmers have found loopholes to make this...

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Why doesnt my mic work in yahoo chat rooms?i can hear but wont let me speak.?

i can not click on the talk button,mute,or hands free


in order to "talk" you must have latest version (updated version) of 8.1....in your messenger...

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Make sure that you are at least 18 years of age. Yahoo restricts chat rooms to those 18 and older. Also...

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It wont let me join any chat rooms on any of my yahoo ids?

when the window comes up for me to click on that yahoo has added to filter out spam ,nothing happens when i try to click the window to get to the other window to get into the chats


Why cant i get into yahoo chat rooms? Read and follow instructions carefully so that you can enter Yahoo...

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Why won't Yahoo let me in chat rooms? Everytime I try to it says "request was refused"?

And soon after it will say logging into chat took longer than expected...grr...This is driving me crazy!!


you have to be 18 and over now. or maybe bad connection.

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