Would a drop of sweat on a capacitive touchscreen be considered a touch?

Let’s learn would a drop of sweat on a capacitive touchscreen be considered a touch. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Capacitive touch screens will (mostly) ignore drops of sweat because they are based on capacitance and...

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Can you recommend a tablet PC for me?

Hello! I am looking to buy a tablet PC and heres the specifics of what I want: -Low cost (within reason...under $350 would be nice) I am NOT looking to pay for something pricey simply because it is trendy (like macs...) -a touch display that will accept...



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How do capacitive accelerometers work in touchscreen devices?

Please explain to me what capacitive accelerometers actually are, what they are for, types of devices they are found in, and answer the following questions.Are capacitive accelerometers responsible for allowing capacitive touchscreens to work or are...


Capacitive accelerometers and capacitive touch sensing are unrelated technologies. The accelerometers...

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What is difference b/ w TFT Capacitive Touchscreen and TFT Resistive Touchscreen? ?

1)AMOLED Capacitative Touchscreen 2)TFT Capacitive Touchscreen 3)TFT Resistive Touchscreen tell me the difference in these 3 touch screen. also tell me which is best touch screen. Which one is good in this explain in short all 3which is best touch screen...


First off, AMOLED or LCD are display technologies and have no bearing on touch screen technologies....

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Does Capacitive Touch work if the metal is covered by material?

Note: This does not include touch-screens. I am trying to implement capacitive touch as described this link: DIY Capacitive Touch Made Easy I want to do basically the same thing as above, but cover the final product in some material. I'm thinking I would...


It should be fine. Notice he has a thin layer of tape over the copper in the video, so direct contact...

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Is it possible to create a touch-active extension between a (capacitive) touch screen and the finger?

Is it possible to create an extension between a (capacitive) touch screen and the finger that rests on the screen-glass and conducts the touch to the touch-sensor? How and with what material?


yes, If it is conductive, a little soft so it will spread out, and not to fine a point, it will work...

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Is Nokia going to use resistive touch screens on their future WP7 phones or are they finally able to switch to capacitive ones?

Nokia has been using resistive touch screens in their smartphones when the dear rivals have mainly relied on capacitive ones - does any one recall whether the decision to adopt resistive technology was a) a cost issue (cheaper price?) or b) legal restrictions...


capacitive screen with atleast 4 point multi-touch support is a minimum requirement for all WP7 devices...

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Will a capacitive touchscreen work if it is touched with a woolen material?

Recently I was reading about the mechanism behind the working of a capacitive touchscreen. As far as I could make out, it would only work if it is touched by skin or any conducting material (so that it can cause the change in electric field bla bla)...


hi. Considering we were talking about the n8's flash support, im not sure why i got a mention here lol...

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What is th difference between a resistive touch screen and a capacitive touch screen?

I am buying a phone . The SONYERICSSON aino has capacitive touch where as the vivaz has resistive touch . What is the difference and which is better?please please help


Resistive touch: You have to press a little bit harder. Capacitive: It's really easy to swipe, basically...

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i know that ubislate 7+ comes with resistive touch screen, but can i install a capacitive touch screen on it rather than the resistive touch screen ?? If yes then how ??


I don't think so. The software may not be configured for multi-touch and the processor may not be worth...

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