Any suggestions for a good science fair project?

Let’s learn any suggestions for a good science fair project. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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these are MY ( the person who write the quesion! ) Ideas.. 1. How does music change your heart beat...

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Any suggestions for a good science fair project that is NOT a demonstration or a consumer report/comparasion?

I need a 7th grade level idea for a science project that isn't a demonstration (like a volcano or a solar system model) and that isn't a consumer report (Brand A has more more


Problem to be Solved: Does supplementary vitamin C prevent colds? Hypothesis: Vitamin C will prevent...

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I really need some suggestions for my science fair project?

im freshman i i need some ideas with sciene fair project...i have no clue what to do pleaseeee help..=]


Make something that flies. lolz

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Suggestions for science fair project, anyone??!!?

Im in 9th grade, AP biology and im in desperate need for a Sciece fair project!! its due in 12 days and ive got nothing so far! Im just looking for something thats cheap in materials, more


Do it on manatees.

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Science Fair project suggestions, please A+ Ideas.?

The science fair is coming up, I am interested in chemistry, but also biology. Any ideas work. Thanks.


You can go to these websites: http://www.sciencefair-projects...

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My 2nd grade daughter needs a science fair project, any suggestions?

Some sort of earth science would be preferable, but we're open to anything really, as long as its fun and educational. Her teacher was very late in getting us the info (much to my dismay) thus we only have two weeks to complete it, so keep that in mind...


My favorite one was one my sister did once when I was a child. Many years later I suggested the same...

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Any suggestions for a 5th Grade Science Fair Project ?

Any suggestions would be helpful. THANKS !


surf around lots of cool stuff there. More importantly what are you interested in...

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Any suggestions for an Intel science project involving anthropology/archaeology?

First, it is important to note that I am a high school student, and will be entering the Intel science fair tournament in like five months. My background in biological anthropology is quite good, and I am beyond motivated in regard to this project. I...


One of our high school students investigated a shell midden we'd excavated. She used the mussel hings...

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Book suggestions? Science fiction? For school project?

Do you have any science fiction book suggestions? I am doing a independent study school project where I read science fiction books [I have to choose the books to read] and write a review or report for each one. I need classic, new, cheesy, serious, movie...


My favorite of all time: Jules Verne - Journey to the Center of the Earth (free online and a classic...

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How about this idea for a science project: Do boys and girls have different resting pulse rates?

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