What is the coolest science fair project ever?

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What's the coolest science fair project for a 4th grader?

My 9-year-old son is looking for a project for the school's science fair. What's really interesting, fun, educational, life-changing, inspiring, or otherwise just the greatest science project ever?


try something that deals with solar power. it'll show him that there's alternative fuel sources out...

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I personally believe that creating a Crystal Garden was the coolest science fair project ever.

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What is the best zoology science fair project ever?!?

The prize for wining the fair is.. well the admission fee is like $5 so.. if we win we get a loud speaker, extra bonuses in school (grade wise), and all the admission fee money so HELP ME!


do something on animal behavior. that's a really interesting subject. like how animals camouflage themselves...

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What would be a good science fair project?

Okay so, the science fair is next month but my teacher told the class to get started. I dont't know what to do, I was thinking of doing a project about eyes and how they work witch is very interesting, I read like a whole page but then I was thinking...


Last yr erin did a project on does caffeine make ur haeart rate go faster after excersicing? She had...

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What is a good social science sixth grade science fair project?

for my science class, i have to do a science fair project and i wanna do a social science project. any ideas and/or links??? thanks in advance! G


You can get a plastic bottle (Soda bottle) and get White Vinegar, Baking Soda and a balloon. Put some...

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What should i have for my 8th grade science fair project?

My my topic is the effect of oil in plants. So the title is "does oil effect plants"? i did an expirement by poring oil into half of the plant and i didn't put any oil into the other part. I saw results in a week later it seemed like half of...


For your Science Fair project, you should have a hypothesis, variables (independent, dependent, and...

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What are some good ideas for a science fair project?

Hi, I'm Alexa and I'm twelve years old, and am in the seventh grade. I was wondering if any of you know of any good science fair project ideas (in the form of a question) that I could perform for this year's science fair. I'm shooting towards a high...


Hello Alexa! My name is Betsy, Im 24 and I am going to college to be a nurse. My instructor had told...

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What is a good 8th grade science fair project idea?

I need to find a good 8th grade science fair idea. The experiment must have data to record while doing it. I have been searching all day looking for a science fair project idea, and i cant find one! Please find me a Simple yet effective science fair...


How does gender affect your memory? Which hand sanitizer works the best? (use petri dishes) How does...

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What is a good high school science fair project that is easy but original and does not cost much?

I have to have an idea of a science fair project by halloween. Our school has a prestigious science department and, for better or worse, it is mandatory that I enter due to the fact that I'm in Honors Chemistry. I have never participated in a science...


i did one before that was interesting but really inexpensive you can even make it much much better,by...

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I don't know what to do for my science fair project?

I need some ideas on what to do my science fair project on i don't really want website links i have to do a research paper and its due monday and haven't even picked a topic yet. Im in 9th grade honors science and i kinda want to do it on comparing things...


These are 9th grade science fair ideas you can try: A comparison of the Solubility of Carbon Dioxide...

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