Are Geothermal stocks a good long term investment??

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Name 3 Good Stocks for a long term investment?

Please just name 3 stocks if you know some good ones. Don't tell me not to buy stocks, dont tell me to invest in cd's dont tell me the market is unstable dont tell me that I will loose all my money. I would just like to know 3 good stocks for a long...


MO, GLW, NYX bonus... COP

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Which of my stocks is not a good long term investment?

I own over 20 stocks but these are my favorites that i'm long on. Any one of these companies you think isn't a good long term hold? KO, WMT, MCD, AAPL, LVS, DD, CMG, NKE, PM, GE, CAT, XOM, BGS


All of them are very good. AAPL is a bit risky on the long run (they have to remain innovative), but...

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Are long-term corporate bonds a good investment at this time, considering the anticipated >10% correction in stocks that may begin this month?

I'm investing non-essential funds and my IRA is safely tucked away until my retirement in 8 years. I'm specifically considering long term corporate bond ETFs, such as LWC and VCLT. My risk appetite is low to medium.Thanks!


There's no such thing as an "anticipated >10% correction in stocks". If a correction were...

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What is the best long term investment? Stocks, real estate, or investment grade life insurance?

Stocks have a down side. Real estate may also have a downside, along with liquidty. Investment grade life insurance has limits.


NEVER and I mean NEVER "Invest" in life Insurance! Thats an order! Best long term real estate...

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What are the best long-term investment high growth and safe (low risks) stocks on NSE? Why?

I am trying to purchase stocks on NSE , India for long term growth. With no exit strategy for next 5 years. My eyes are set on low risk, but medium to high growth stocks. What would be the best options for me now? Thanks.


If you are looking for long term, You can't go wrong with ITC. One of the best Indian companies. It...

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I want to buy some stocks as a long term investment. At work, everybody is saying Fannie Mae.?

I want to buy some stocks as a long term investment. At work, everybody is saying Fannie Mae. It is 0.30 cents a share now, was $45.0 a share in 2008, some experts say it will be at least $11.0 by 2014. Anybody ?


You need to learn the business. You are going head to head against the best thieves, frauds, and cons...

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Is 5 to 10k too little for long term investment in stocks?

Because I feel that it may be more efficient for me to make a bunch of short terms to increase my capital and eventually making long term investments from there. How short is more


Short term investment is a strategy, it's not a time factor. Long term, according to my definition,...

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What stocks should I invest in for a long term investment ?

Im a complete begginer so please do a dummies guide to stocks.


Invest in British Gas, RBS and Tesco.

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What stocks should i buy for a short term investment?

I'm the Stock Market Club, and i need to know which company's stocks i should invest in as a short term investment. Please state the company and the reason. Note* I can only buy stocks that are part of the TSX. Thankyou!


those with the highest yield which will be going X-dividend in your "short term"

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The equity method of accounting is the method used for long-term investments in common stocks and cash...

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