Is It A Bad Idea To Use Port Forwarding As A Long-term Access Strategy?

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Is it a bad idea to use port forwarding as a long-term access strategy?

We are deploying multiple copies of the same system (some devices behind a gateway with NAT), and we need to have continued access for some of those devices. Right now our strategy is to have a set of non-standard ports that are configured to route to specific IP addresses behind the NAT. This setup is essentially replicated for every copy of the system. Are there any security risks associated with that? Are there any better solutions available to do this?


Most people consider NAT 'security though obscurity' and is a bad idea. Nat should be used to preserve...

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Behavior of Network (security problem), mainly concerning LinkSys BEFSR11

I know a little bit about networking, but I have a situation on my home network that puzzles me, and which presents a small but unacceptable security risk. This will be a rather long question (because I want to provide complete information to best assist...


Well, I got my head around it pretty quickly. You've got some fundamental problems with your network...

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Need help with polynomials assignment

QUESTION: Hi Zlatko, I'm having an assigned, it says to create a class for working with polynomials up to degree4. Five private data members are needed to store the coefficient for each degree of the polynomial, so 1, 2, 3, -4 ,5 corresponds to x^4...


Edit: October 26 Mike, when printing out your polynomial, don't try to do it all in one cout statement...

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How can I fix my scaly dragon eye?

I have eczema on my eyelid, and have been advised by my GP not to use the prescribed steroid/antibiotic cream for more than a week. What should I be using now to help it heal, and keep the rest of my face happy? Are there any brands/ingredients I should...


I get the same thing. A fairly common eczema routine is to apply the steroid cream, then top that with...

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It'd be improper to tell him his joke made me suicidal, I guess.

I keep finding myself in a peculiar and incredibly disheartening group social dynamic. I need practical guidance on how to "fix" the latest one, and maybe some suggestions on how to head these things off before we get to Suicidal Ideation pass...


By the way, if you approach it as asking for advice rather than straight up venting or attempting to...

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I've been trying to set up port forwarding, but I don't have access to router settings. Is there another way?

I'm on a LAN network, and I'm trying to set up port forwarding so I can use a Bittorrent program. Any other way to get it to work besides port forwarding? Or is there another way to get my ports forwarded without having to change router settings? Any...


You cant setup Port Forwarding without having access to the Router/Firewall.

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I can't access my router's homepage ( to set up port forwarding...?

I'm trying to set up port forwarding on my computer and I am unable to access my router's network homepage. I have a Belkin router (F5D8231-4) and am trying to access more


To find your default gateway, go to you command prompt and type ipconfig/all. And type the ip address...

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Using port forwarding to gain access to facebook?

I want to forward a port so i can gain access to facebook on an internet connection where facebook is blocked. I know how to forward a port and so on but how would i do it so you can type in the address and have access to facebook?


To the best of my knowledge IP forwarding is a one way road it allows traffic from the Internet on a...

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Port Forwarding? Which port does my WiFi radio use?

I'm trying to forward a port so my WiFi radio will work with my Westell A90 - 9100EM15-10 router. I've never done this before, but i'm using my router's settings at 192.168.1. Thanks in advance. Also, doesn't have my router listed, so...


Google> Westell A90 - 9100EM15-10 User Manual

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Is it better to use email forwarding or POP access?

I use Gmail all the time but I also use yahoo and some other email clients for specific purposes. I have recently found out that Gmail can be used to get mails from other email accounts and have learned to configure Gmail for this purpose. But I would...


Okay, call your gmail account X and other email accounts Y & Z well forwarding does exactly what...

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