Why is the lottery a bad idea?

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As a return on investment for the lottery player, they are a bad idea. As a source of income for the...

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Is buying  lottery a good idea or bad?

What can be the pros and cons - both for and against - buying a lottery addict? Moreover, how does it affect the economy of a family or a country/society at the macro level? Does it really help startups and is that a good/bad investment for a person...


If you really want to win, you should sell lottery tickets.

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What do you think about this lottery oriented business idea?

So i was doing some thinking today after i got off work when i picked up a lottery ticket, a different kind of business idea. so i live and work in a middle class suburbia in Texas. I currently work at a retirement home in an area that has seen a boom...


maybe as a one off thing but i don't see it lasting any real time. I can go buy my lottery tickets and...

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I see that all the Lottery games are a dollar each to play, and do you wish or do you think it's a really good idea if

there's other types of Lottery or another Lottery system "they will make out", like there's other Lottery game that cost less than a dollar to play, or much lesser than a dollar that you/I have to pay to play. How will they set-up this other...


Actually, the Powerball, in the US, costs $2.00/ticket. And no, I personally don't care about any others...

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Is the lottery a good idea?

what do you think about the lottery is it a good idea or is it a bad idea


Definitely it is a good idea i won and happy

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Idea! Could the Euro Millions lottery save Europe potentially?

I was just just watching the news about how Greece was in severe depression because there is barely any money in the country, then afterwards i saw a EuroMillions advert. Then a spark in my head happened and i thought, what if the lottery could help...


That's actually a good idea in principle. The only trouble with Greece though is they gave themselves...

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If I won the lottery, would this be a good idea?

Suppose I win the Michigan lottery, and I win $100 million or so. I would like to buy a brand new 2014 Chevy Impala for each of my friends. Would that be a good or bad idea?


invest the money

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Any idea to promote a lottery game?

i would like to know that is it any idea on how to promote a lottery game to increase the sales


make better odds of winning...1 out of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 is ridiculous but i did over exaggerate...

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If i Were To Purchase 100 Dollers worth of scartch off lottery tickets .. what would be the best idea?

100 - 1 doller tickets 50 - 2 doller tickets 33 - 3 doller tickets 20 - 5 doller tickets 10 - 10 doller tickets 5 - 20 doller tickets i know its not a smart idea .. im just wondering what my best odds would be .. i alredy know that the lottery is very...


Hell no!!!your going to be poor now!

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Lottery mail any idea ?

hi i received this mail: ''You are the Second Prize Winner of £1,200,000.00, EURO MILLIONS LOTTERY 2012. Contact Mr. Peter Hills via pete.hill@07168.cn with your Full Name, Mobile Number and Country.'' have you any idea what is it . is it fake...


100% scam. There is no lottery. There is no Yahoo, Nokia, Shell, BBC, Google, Coca-Cola, MSN, Microsoft...

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