Can I connect my pc to my LCD TV through my wireless connection?

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Can I connect my computer to my lcd tv wireless?

Hi, I want to connect my PC to my LCD TV and was wondering if I can do it using my wireless connection that I have on my pc. Is they're anything I can by such as a receiver unit that fits in to the back of the TV? or anything like this cheers.


not that i know of, you can have another pc connected to the tv and then use your laptop to control...

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Does anyone know how to connect a lcd tv to a computer only using hdmi connection to a pc? please help!?

In my lcd tv i have a HDMI, SCART LEAD AND SV input only, no vga or DVI. So how do i connect pc to tv. I dont know what connection to tv would work best. Plus my lcd tv which is a panasonic viera says it does not connect to pc? There has to be a way...


"Not connecting to a PC" likely just means there's no VGA input on the TV. It doesn't mean...

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How to connect my pc to my lcd tv/monitor through HDMI.?

Hi I hope someone can give me some info,I have a LCD tv/monitor which at the moment I am connecting my PC through standard VGA( BLUE CABLE) connection, can I connect my computer to more


Yes, you can. Just connect DVI to your computer and HDMI to your TV/LCD It shoud work fine. Here're...

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How do I connect my Dell Studio 15 labtop to my LCD TV?

I cannot seem to get my brand new Dell Studio 15 laptop with a Radeon Mobil 4570, to connect to my Broksonic 32” CCVG-3276 LCD TV properly. I have searched through to online support items without any success. Another problem I seem to be having...


If you couldn't find it on Dell site easy, you could try a program I use. It automatically updates your...

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Video card to connect to TV

How do I connect PC to LCD TV in most basic and inexpensive sense...? I have Philips 42"LCD 42PF9996/37 with 1280x768 1080i res. Video INPUT: AV 1 : Audio L/R in, CVBS in, S-Video Y/C, YpBpR (1, 2, 3Fh) AV 2 : Audio L/R in, CVBS, S-Video Y/C, YpBpR...


A lot of video cards come with S-Video (Y/C) connectors, and are pretty good quality, and suitable for...

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How can I use my TV as a PC monitor?

I am cosidering the purchase of a new lcd tv (42"). I would like to connect my pc to it to view saved pictures/video footage. I have ben told that I will need to upgrade my graphics card & also have the correct sockets on the TV. I have been...


You are in luck. All plasma tvs have either a D-sub or DVI connection. These two types of connection...

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PC to TV connection question~~ ^^;?

Hi, I want to know if I need to connect my pc to the (pc) monitor in order to set up the connection (pc) to the tv? and... do i have to manually set up the resolution, or the pc/tv will auto figure it out? ~~~~~~thx!! ie, i have a 256MB ATI Radeon HD...


if your in vista it will automatically select the highest resolution possible when you connect. Or your...

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I have to lcd tvs both with VGA connection and HDMI connections what i want ot do is.....?

i have to lcd tvs both with VGA connection and HDMI connections what i want ot do is connect them both together so when i put a signal through them the image is stretched across both screens i no you can do this for pc quite easily however what about...


It is not a TV function, but a PC function that you need and yes, you would need a Freeview card in...

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Connect MSI Wind Top PC to LG LCD TV?

I'm trying to connect an LG 32" LCD TV and an MSI desktop PC using HDMI, and I'm running into a snag. The TV refuses to recognize the PC, and I'm not entirely sure why. Can anyone help me figure out how this is supposed to work? I currently have...


From the specs for the Wind Top and the review you linked to, it looks like the HDMI port on your PC...

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Is there a way to connect my security cameras to my pc and lcd TV at the same time ?

Hi all i have 4 security cameras around the building and they are all connected right now to my pc with RG59 Cable , and they are recorded 24 hours a day 356 days a year . my question is , can i watch my cameras on my lcd tv at the same time that i am...


yes you can but it`s a little hard, ask a technician and whoever helps you with that needs to see the...

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