Can I create a new proxy?

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How to create proxy in java

How do they create proxy of a class in java. Do they create the proxy on as needed basis or they create it and have it around forever.


You can create proxies in two basic ways: using the JDK mechanism, by interface. Take a look at java...

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Can someone create a few socks on Wikipedia via an unblocked open proxy (the ones I've used are unreliable)?

*For experienced LTA's only* I need a few good, clean, sockpuppets to be created on Wikipedia via an open proxy. I've found very few reliable ones and I'm having trouble fanning away the CU's, who have found 23 of my 173 socks (luckily, since many were...


Yes. But it's a lot of work. What are you going to pay the mercenary keyboard warriors who do this for...

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How can I create a simple proxy server in Java?

can it be created without socket programming


You probably will need socket programming.  Don't worry though... socket programming is really easy...

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What's the best way to create an XMLHttpRequest wrapper/proxy?

These methods that come to mind, what are the pros and cons of each? Method 1: Augment native instance var _XMLHttpRequest = XMLHttpRequest; XMLHttpRequest = function() { var xhr = new _XMLHttpRequest(); // augment/wrap/modify here var _open = xhr...


The best way to create any "wrapper", "proxy" or "polyfill" is to NEVER...

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How to create a web proxy?

How do u create a new web proxy. Really want to create one but not shure how.. Could someone run me threw creating a web proxy. Thanks


Purchase hosting, or find a free hosting site that supports php, curl, and anything else the proxy software...

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Create a proxy server?

how can you create a proxy server? And id need to do it on a free hosting site such as It's because my school blocks all decent websites thay you'd actually want to go on - it also blocked all proxy server sites i can think of :(


Creating a proxy server Create a proxy server in the administrative console by clicking Servers >...

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How to create a Wifi network under a Proxy Network?

I am working in a place where the network is set up as a Proxy (I hate it). I have to set up a wireless zone in an area so that clients can access the internet through their laptops. How do I go about setting up a wifi network under a proxy? The problem...


Hi, Here are some brand new proxy sites list which will solve your problem. They will hide your personal...

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its up to each circumstance, but generally no, and people that have accepted being a proxy have been...

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How do I create Linux reverse proxy that shows user IP address?

I'm planning to use reverse proxy for my Minecraft game server, but most of the methods would mask players' ip addresses as the proxy address. I heard that to be able to show players ip addresses it can be done via iptables.


Iptables usually can't retrieve a client address (because the connection is being made by the proxy...

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Anyone knows how to create a PROXY SERVER?

i need to learn to create my own proxy server...can anyone please help me??thank you so much...


You need to subscribe to 2 different fixed IP addresses on 2 different line with a broadband connection...

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