Can I get a decent job with a 3rd degree?

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How do I get a job in IT or Software Development if I have no experience and only a 3rd class degree?

I have recently graduated from university with a BSc (Hons) Computer Science degree, 3rd class. Being 100% honest I do not really have any commercial experience in IT or Software more


Home working is frequently a bit tricky because there are so many thieves who are out to trick you....

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Can i get a minimum wage job with a 3rd degree felony?

I am from Texas and I was falsy accused of some crap in salt lake city UTah and I got a 3rd degree felony with 3 years probation, is it possible for me to get a minimum wage job with more


The best thing you can do if apply for the jobs you want to go after. If they ask you during the interview...

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I have 3rd degree trespassing on my criminal record. Does this mean I won't be able to get a good job?

I'm still in college, I'm wondering if this is gonna affect my chances of getting a good job in the future? Also, my friend was with me, and he got trespassing as well as more


For most jobs, wouldn't matter, but some employers might not hire you because of it.

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It is impossible to generalize. In this job market even qualified candidates can spend years looking...

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How do i get a job as an investment or financial analyst?

Can you pls give me an advice on how to get my dream job and where i can work for it. I am currently studying for an msc in finance and management degree in the UK and i had a 3rd class in accountancy at my undergraduate degree. I do not know if my educational...


Network A LOT!! It's one of the most important parts of the business...

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Will I ever get a city or state job with these charges?

Assault 3rd Degreee with intent to cause physical injury- PL 120.00, Petit Larceny PL 155.25, Criminal Possession Stolen Property- 5 degree, Menacing 3rd Degree PL 120.15 Criminal Possession of Marijuana PL 221.10 and Resisting Arrest PL 205.30.----...


Oh, sure you will, eventually. The way the current administration is progressing, they'll all be state...

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How can a third year finance student network effectively so as to get a job in an investment bank?

I am doing a double major in Economics and Finance. It's a 4 year degree. I have an interest in the financial markets. But I don't have any tangible achievements, other than decent grades. I study in the best management school of my country. I have been...


First, get some business cards printed up. The main people that you should network with are people a...

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If I get a VOP for non-payment will I have a warrent with no bond? I'm a student and I may have a job now?

I haven't maid payments bc no job and no income. She said she will start the papers on the 1st of march and I'm scared bc I am a student and I have an interview tomorrow and I fill really confident I would get the job. I just need one more chance. It...


probation is meant to give a person a second chance, you've already had your chances, yes you'll have...

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What courses should I do to get a good job in software industry?

I'm in an NIT, computer science branch, with 4 semesters left for degree, i.e currently in 3rd year. What software courses should I do, to get a good job in software industry( more


Take all possible advanced math classes, that's a good basis that will be of help in the future -- you...

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Did you manage to get a tech job or make a successful career after dropping out because of bad performance in exams?

Especially Indians. I'm about to get a year back after my 3rd year. So I have 2 options : 1.waste a year and then complete my degree 2. Dropout and dedicate one year to self learning new technologies. I've already dropped a year before college. I like...


Understand that once you drop out, you generally can't go back to college to complete your degree months...

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