Can I get into a good university??

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Can I get into a good university?

I am a very smart guy who always starts all classes with an A at the beginning of a semester. Teachers are impress of my knowledge and I have gain many awards for my knowledge. Sadly I loose control when something goes wrong and drop a lot. My current GPA is a 2.25. I know I am capable to handle a good university by living alone with out my family's economic, emotional, educational problem. I need to show my full capacity. Can anyone help me know what I can do to get into a good University? What...


I'm afraid that with a 2.25 your only option is to go to a Community College and move into an apartment...

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How can I get really good friends in University?

Please don't offer any cliche advice as "the best way to get friends is to be one". I'm already a really good person. But I'm an introvert and I go along with other introverted people who seems to be less interested in making new friends than...


I didn't feel like I had any friends my first year at college. This is my story, so it won't necessarily...

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I never went to a good school, college or university, so can I become a good programmer and get recruited by the top companies?

Top companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, Quora, Facebook, etc. I'm 19 and I'm from a developing country. I never had a good education, and I'm a computer science undergraduate student, but my university is further behind in this field than...


Most of these companies require a good background in algorithms and at least one programming language...

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What can i do to get a good education ? get into a good university ?

Hi everyone , my name is Jasmina , and I am 16 years old , I have been studying my whole life in a lousy school for the A level to find out that it's impossible to succeed since the teachers in morocco aren't qualified to teach us the British program...


Jasmina, take a deep breath. Uncertainty is a part of life. Let your parents make the decisions for...

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Can I get accepted into a good University with this G.P.A.?

Can I get accepted into a good University with this G.P.A.? I go to a Community College in Los Angeles. I am 20 years old. My major is English. I currently have a 3.0 G.P.A. I have received a 4.0 these last three semesters in a row (consecutively). I...


Wow you have done alot. Maybe that my balance out your low GPA. But I honestly do not think Princeton...

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I got less than average grades but have 8+ years as programmer and designer. Can I get admission to a good US university like UCB for a prospective PhD course?

I did my Engineering Bachelors from a good University in India (Pune University to be precise) but I sucked at grades.   If I be brutally honest,I was below average if you start looking at average grades in my class. But I was good at problem solving...


When I was in similar situation couple of years back I did some research on the subject but unfortunately...

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What are the things that I can do to get an admit to a good university for MS in US , other than getting a good GRE score?

I am a final year student in one of the not so famous private colleges of India , I am really interested in pursuing MS in some good university abroad , inspite of my interests and efforts I could not publish a journal or do some geat project because...


1. Dont sit in placements as they will distract you. 2. Try getting an internship in your core industry...

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Can I get into a good university like Georgia Tech or U of M?

I am currently living in Dubai and am planning to attend university in the USA but my parents are only going to pay the monster fees if I get accepted by a good university like the ones I mentioned above. I am planning to study either aerospace or petroleum...


I got in to Georgia Tech with around a 2100 on my SAT and 33 on my ACT..but I also took the most challenging...

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I am studying chemical engineering UG in a reputed university in South India. Can I get into a good university in the US for an MS in computer science with a good GRE score?

I am a 6 pointer. Does doing project in computer science help or not? My plans:Taking GRE this September.Use the score to join for MS in US(computer science) after doing job for 2 years in IT Sector. Suggest:Is it good idea or not? I can't increase my...


Best way is to increase your CGPA which will ultimately boost your self confidence. GRE may seem a probable...

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(UK) can you still get a good job withought going to University?

Hi, I do BTEC Business level 3 in college and so far I'm doing well. I kinda dont want to go university and i was wondering will I still get a good job if I dont go in business. also what kind of jobs can I do in business if i pass my BTEC Business level...


All of my friends who didn't go to uni are doing far better than the ones that did. A business degree...

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