What can I do to get into a good university?

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Tips on Getting into a Highly Selective College

Students who get into highly selective colleges have a long ... sure it gives a good impression. You can also ... on Getting into a Highly Selective College ...


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What can i do to get a good education ? get into a good university ?

Hi everyone , my name is Jasmina , and I am 16 years old , I have been studying my whole life in a lousy school for the A level to find out that it's impossible to succeed since the teachers in morocco aren't qualified to teach us the British program...


Jasmina, take a deep breath. Uncertainty is a part of life. Let your parents make the decisions for...

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What are the things that I can do to get an admit to a good university for MS in US , other than getting a good GRE score?

I am a final year student in one of the not so famous private colleges of India , I am really interested in pursuing MS in some good university abroad , inspite of my interests and efforts I could not publish a journal or do some geat project because...


1. Dont sit in placements as they will distract you. 2. Try getting an internship in your core industry...

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I'm starting High school in september. What are some things I can do to get into a good university?

I start high school in September and I have narrowed down the schools I want to attend: 1.Sarah Lawrence College 2.Columbia University 3. Yale University 4. Harvard University 5. ...show more


You should definitely join extracurriculars as well as boosting your GPA. Each of these colleges has...

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Can you get in a good university or colledge if you want to be a doctor? bur what if your bad in foods or ?

but what if you have a bad mark in foods or and other non sciece class in highschool, people say it doesn't matter but would someone get in a good doctor school if they got good in science and bioogy and all that scice stuff and AN A in foods, oposed...


they probably would get ahead of you, also if they could spell it would definitely help them

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I am a CSE student from a tier 3 college (under West Bengal University of Technology). My CGPA after 2nd year is 8.04(Topper's CGPA : 9.1+). I am among the top 3 programmers in my class and I am really passionate about coding. What should I do so that I can get a really good job?

Also I had achieved 88% in ICSE and 82% in ISC. Also I am an opensource developer for Mozilla. I feel low at all times due to my score(s) and my inability to get into a good college. Please advise me as to how I should prepare myself to get placed at...


If you think you are a good coder, prove it. Take contests in CodeChef and Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ...

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I wish to get into a good engineering university in the USA for my degree, but my parents really cannot afford to pay for my education. What are the chances that I will get a scholarship? How can I do that?

I am a 17 year old Indian girl. I want to learn mechanical or electrical engineering as I love physics and mathematics. My English is also quite fluent and my parents are willing to send me to the USA. They are willing to contribute as much money as...


Generally for Masters and PhD courses, it is easy to get scholarship. I know that from personal experience...

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Im home schooled.What can i do to ensure i'll get into a good university?

I know ivy league colleges are very strict about accepting home schooled students.I went to university websites like Harvard and Duke but i couldn't find a page about home ...show more


If you can't take dual enrollment classes, I suggest taking AP tests. You'll have to study hard, but...

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How can I get really good friends in University?

Please don't offer any cliche advice as "the best way to get friends is to be one". I'm already a really good person. But I'm an introvert and I go along with other introverted people who seems to be less interested in making new friends than...


I didn't feel like I had any friends my first year at college. This is my story, so it won't necessarily...

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I never went to a good school, college or university, so can I become a good programmer and get recruited by the top companies?

Top companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, Quora, Facebook, etc. I'm 19 and I'm from a developing country. I never had a good education, and I'm a computer science undergraduate student, but my university is further behind in this field than...


Most of these companies require a good background in algorithms and at least one programming language...

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