Can I get into the University of Michigan?

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I've wanted to go to Michigan ever since I can remember. I live in New York and many people talk about Umich.Whenever someone brings up college, my friends know without question I more


I think you have a really good chance. I wish you the best of luck on your SAT this Saturday! If you...

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Can I get into University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and University of Wisconsin-Madison?

Unweighted GPA: 3.600 Weighted GPA: 4.3779 Unweighted Rank: 127 of 615 (Top 20.6 Percentile) Weighted Rank: 52 of 615 (Top 8.4 Percentile) ^As of sophomore year, doing better junior year I think. Extracurricular Activities: Student Council- Chariman...


Oh yeah, this is great. Make sure you put all this in the application, though.

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Can I get into University of Michigan, Pepperdine, Baylor, SMU, UT, George Washington, or Michigan State?

Hey guys! I just wanted to know what you think. Here's my profile... GPA: 4.5293/ 3.65-3.7 unweighted Class Rank: 63/398 ACT: 26 SAT: 1870 (630 CR 610M 630 W) Work Experience: I was hired by my school district (McKinney ISD) as a student filmer for games...


I have a 3.98 unweighted GPA and a 27 on the act. My class rank is 12/212. I am a Michgan resident too...

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Can I get into Michigan State University?

Can I get into Michigan State University?Hey guys, I am currently a Senior in High School, I was wondering if some of you could give me an opinion on what my chances are in getting into MSU (not yet applied), I would want to go for business if I get...


yes you are absolutely set. volunteering is great and anything above a 3.0 along with your extra experience...

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If i am in the IEP, can i still get accepted to University of Michigan?

I have a 3.5 GPA with all A's and B's and i am still in the IEP... I live in Michigan (8th grade).... My teachers say i have a hard time communicating with others and it's true. I just don't like talking to other people. I usually talk when important...


Plenty of autistic and other students with IEPs go on to college. It is illegal for schools to not take...

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How can i get to university of michigan (Ann Arbor) from DTW airport?

hello all.... i will be flying to detroit for an interview at the university of michigan. I don't drive... so whats the best way to get from the airport to the university? it's about 25 miles away. Are there any buses? how much does taxi cost? any other...


I would google "Detroit Metro Airport shuttle service" and look at the shuttle options. Right...

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Can I get into the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor?

So I'm a senior and I have already submitted my app for MIchigan BEFORE the early notification date.. I'm taking 2 ap's this year.. but the only problem is that in one of my classes, (Precal) I currently have a D. Will that ruin my chances?? The rest...


Ann Arbor - with As and Bs and now a D? You need an A- or better GPA with great SATs etc. So no way...

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Can i get into university of michigan?

im really nervous about applying for schools. i want to go to u of m but my parents keep making it seem like they dont think i will get in even though i have really good scores because they know how competitive it is. im a wealthy, white, suburban girl...


You should be fine. Your ACT scores alone almost get you in. The consistency in your extracurriculars...

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Can I get into the University of Michigan Nursing Program?

I am currently in a community college in Michigan and would like to be able to transfer into the University Nursing program. Unfortunately I have a B in Anatomy and Physiology, but even with that I have a 3.8 gpa and was wondering if I got an A on all...


We can't predict that for you. . . you would be better off talking directly to the university's admissions...

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Most schools require you to be an in-state resident for at least 6 months.

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