How can I get into Berkeley University?

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What should I do in High School to get into a top ranking university?

I'm a sophomore in High School and I just finished my first semester. I'm not involved in any extracurricular activities yet, but I plan on joining a club or two this coming semester. I'm also going to do some volunteering in the next two and a half years so I'll be able to put that on my college resume. Here are the course I've taken thus far... Freshman: Earth Science (I wouldn't have enrolled in this if I had the choice, it was required) Honors Algebra 2 Honors World History P.E. (This was also...


Take AP classes and score high on the AP exams. And have a high GPA. Also get involved in the community...

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How can I get into university of Berkeley in California?

I am a freshman in high school right now and I really want to go to this university because I checked that this university is a really good one for geography major. I have a GPA of 4.381.In national Olympics of geography I was in 2nd place . So what...


Just keep your GPA high, take challenging college level classes, and try to get an SAT score above ...

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University of California, Berkeley: How can I prepare for CS70 well enough to get a good grade for next semester?

It's my first semester at Cal and all other lower division math requirements are completed at community college. I want to prepare well enough in advance for the course so I can get a B+ or above. How can I accomplish this?


The material covered in CS 70 doesn't seem to change very much from year to year. The course materials...

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Can I get into UCI,UC Berkeley, USC or Indiana University(Bloomington)?

GPA: Freshman Year: 3.2, 3.3 Sophomore Year: 3.3, 3.3 Junior Year: 3.67, 3.67 Senior Year: 4.0 I got a 2130 on my SAT(32 on ACT) I have taken 7 classes all four years. I have 4 years of Math, English, Science, and Spanish. Ive qualified for the California...


You're so full of crap. Their is no way in hell you got a 32 act and 2130 sat and then don't know whether...

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Thanks for the A2A. I'd go to the UC Berkeley web site,and check out their admissions requirements:...

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How do I get into the graduate statistics programme offered by the university of chicago, harvard, Stanford, berkeley as an Indian student?

I am a student from india with a bachelors in electrical engineering. Cgpa of 7.4. GRE Score of 317. Quants-154 and verbal-163. One year of work experience in an OES company. Will the GRE Score influence my admission the most? How much does the SOP matter...


To start with, give more information about your work profile, your academic scores and CGPAs. Your research...

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Will I get accepted to the University of California Berkeley?

I'm going to be a junior in high school after this summer, live in oregon, 3.5 GPA freshman year, 3.7 GPA sophomore year, all on a 4.0 scale, play on the basketball and baseball team and will through high school, 40 hours volunteer work and shooting...


Its hard to say because to get into Berkeley, you have to have really good grades and have a lot of...

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just by your GPA alone, sorry but its very very unlikely. however, if you have lots of awards in a sport...

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Your highschool should have required the needed amount of community service hours. Most highschools...

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You can Sacramento RTD and the UCB transit system.

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