How can I get free scholarship of any good university of Canada?

Let’s learn how can I get free scholarship of any good university of Canada. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I get a scholarship for an American university if I live in Canada?

I am an American Citizen. I am also (quite soon) a Canadian Citizen. I am a Canadian resident. When I apply for scholarships for "Canadian Students", they are only for Canadian Schools. When I apply for scholarships for "American Students", it asks me for my American home address. This is really annoying and I am really really frustrated. Scholarships that offer for both Canada and states & no matter where you live, are really rare. So far I have found ONE program, offering...


You can't. If you have American citizenship, go live in the United States for a while and then apply...

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How to get scholarship of Harvard university or other best university of US or Canada for masters ?

I'm Doing BBA from Pakistan. and its my dream to study abroad but a can't afford :( so I'm looking for a scholarship but don't know how to get that :( please somebody help and tell me some procedures. thanks


You can look on any US schools' web site to see what scholarships they offer and what the requirements...

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How can an international student afford to pay University tuition in Canada?

I'm an international student planning on going to Canada for Bachelors. I've looked into Brandon University, Memorial University in Newfoundland and University of Prince Edward Island. My sibling working in Canada will pay my first year tuition fee but...


You will most likely never make enough to afford tuition as an international student. You will have...

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What would it take for me to get a scholarship to Toronto university from America?

I'm only in 9th grade and live in the Bronx but thinking about the future early I want to definently attend a university/College in Canada and Toronto university seems like a good schoo LNG grades are never lower then the 75-85 mark any ideas how I would...


Yes I think you should contact them for some directions.

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I have a poor result in bsc engineering 2.39 out of 4,can i get a scholarship in us with a good GRE scores?

i have graduated from the best bangladeshi university BUET, but i have a poor result and financially i am not sound. Now if i will be to get a scholarship if i get a good GRE score, even in average universities of USA and Canada.please inform me


You would have to get a near perfect score to get some nice scholarships. It's really competitive; what...

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Going to a University in the US while you live in Canada (UCLA-university of California, Los Angeles)?

So I want to go to university in the states but I currently live in Canada. I’m currently in grade 8 so I don’t really know my Sat scores or my GPA either. I'm considered smart, I guess -not bragging- so if this is an option, I would do my...


A non-resident is someone who hasn't lived in the state for at least a year and doesn't move here just...

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What Europian or American Universities are the easiest to get in on a scholarship?

hey guys! i am currently researching on the international universities. i want to study somewhere in Western Europe or the U.S, Canada. i am from Eastern Europe - Ukraine. my family can hardly afford education for me here, therefore it is very important...


Please understand that pretty good grades are not enough for a foreign (international) student to get...

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How can I get scholarship for presenting my paper at a reputed International Conference?

I'm an Computer Science undergrad from a private Indian university. I have completed my course about a month ago, but will get my degree in August. I will join my company in July, so at present I'm not really 'employed'. The registration fee for the...


The main cost is incurred through air travel ($1000-$2000), hotel ($100-300/day). Also don't forget...

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With my unprivileged American education is it likely that I will get a job in Canada?

Good evening I am American educated central american (Costa Rica) and I am about to leave college, the thing is I have a dream and it´s Canada, I love it and ever since I had logical thinking ive always wanted to live there, so I got a scholarship...


There is no economic migrant category of immigration in Canada. Getting a job offer from a Canadian...

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What to do if I want to get a PhD scholarship in electrical engineering at USA ,Canada or Europe?

I am an electrical engineer from Egypt graduated from Faculty of Engineering - Ain Shams University, 2001. I have just got my master of science degree in electrical engineering and very interested to get a PhD scholarship in electrical engineering at...


Simple, contact your local University that offers the PhD program, and ask them what scholorships that...

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