How can i get free tv in my computer?

Let’s learn how can i get free tv in my computer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I get my computer to run with dual monitors when plugged into a tv?

So I bought an hdmi cable today so I could plug it into my tv (Sharp Aquos LC22SB280UT) and use dual monitors. When I plug the hdmi cable into the tv and route it to my graphics card (Sapphire 6850 HD 1 gb) and try to turn the computer on, I see the...


Does FN + F8 do anything to swap monitors?

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My sound went out on my TV.How can I hook up computer speakers to get sound I use an antenna.?

I have a 2 yr old HD/flat screen TV. the sound went out so I connected computer speakers to the cable box and TV. Now want to ditch cable and go w/antenna.How can I bypass the TV speakers and hook up my computer speakers????


I would suggest getting a cheap reciever. your tv may have optical out. if it does go optical out to...

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How can I record something on TV and get it on my computer?

Is there anything that can record the TV Screen like a hypercam 2 would do for your computer screen? And would I be able to get it on the computer? The tv has 3 composite outlet things- red, yellow, and white- but my computer, dell windows xp, doesn...


You need a TV card to display TV monitor on your computer screen, an AV cable to link up your TV and...

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How can I get a better picture using my plasma TV as a computer monitor?

I'm trying to use my plasma TV (Panasonic TH-40PZ80U) as a computer monitor. The video card in my computer (Radeon X1300) has DVI and the TV has HDMI so I bought a cable that goes from DVI on one end to HDMI on the other. It worked, but the quality is...


Check what the "native" resolution of your tv is. If you are running your computer on too...

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How can i get what is on my computer screen to be on the tv?

how can i connect up my computer to the tv so i can see what is on the computer screen on the tv?


You need a graphics card and a TV that both have the same type of connector on them. Some TVs have an...

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Can I/How do I get Sky tv on my new computer/television?

I've got Sky+ tv on my main television and I have a computer with built in tv tuner television so do I need to invest in Sky multi-room to get it working? Is it pretty much the more


Use RF2 aerial connection to watch the same channel as the main TV

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How do i get free tv on my computer?

free pctv, free tv online watch tv on pc

Answer: 10points please =)

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How can i get network television on my tv via my computer?

i am looking to avoid getting cable and want to know alternatives, such as using my internet connection to get network telvision sent to my tv via my computer, how can this be done?


well as of all internet tv site is poor quality and sound like justin tv and readon tv both are good...

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How can I get my LCD tv to be my computer monitor?

My LCD tv has the jacks needed to be a monitor, but I want to have my normal monitor and my TV as a monitor. Can you tell me what I need?


If your computer is manufactured by dell/hp etc, you will most likely have to buy a new video card,...

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How can I get songs on my computer to play through my TV/Stereo?

I have a laptop with several songs downloaded on it and I want to buy an adapter/Cord that allows me to hook up to my stereo or TV and play songs. What is the name of the adapter/cord and where can I get it? Thanks folks.


You need an audio patch cord with a 3mm stereo plug on one end (for the laptop's speaker jack) and a...

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