How can I get digital tv/cable on my Mac?

Let’s learn how can I get digital tv/cable on my Mac. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How To Watch Cable TV On My iMac? - Apple Inc.

How To Watch Cable TV On My ... I run my Bell Digital Set top box to my EyeTV HD via component cable and get full HD on my Mac. I choose channels via the digital box ...

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Which one should I get 21.5" iMac vs 2.5ghz Mac mini?

Which one should i get? Is the imac worth it as it is very expensive compared to the Mac mini? I am not a mac user. This will be the first mac that I will own. I am a student in school and i study IT (Information Technology). I needed a need Computer...


Ok well here is your answer: The iMac and Mac Mini are both very powerful, i think the iMac base model...

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Suggest me Mac or Windows to buy ? Got 10 Quest to get clarified to select one !?

Hi Guys. suggest me to buy Apple or Microsoft base system ! I'm not used to Mac. 1. Ca we install MAC on a pc which runs windows XP ? will the drivers support that hardware architecture ? 2. Will Mac be a user friendly like windows ? 3. Is that easy...


1. To run Mac OS X you need a MAC. 2. Is Mac as user friendly as Windoze.... huh that's an interesting...

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About fan speed software (mac) easy, one person will get 10 points guarantee, Bonus survey!?

On my mac mini I installed some software that makes the speed of your fan on your mac go faster. Just in case you want to try it, its called smcFanControl. So anyway I installed it and I figured out that by default the fan speed is 1903 RPM and with...


I don't know about a mac fan, but I manually sped up my PC's fan and it broke it. I have to get it fixed...

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Hello, I'm a Mac and I'm a PC.... Don't you think Mac will eventually get vulnerable to viruses?

Yes, PC is vulnerable to viruses because more people are using it than Mac before, so virus has been focused on attacking PC. While Mac is getting recognition and now getting popular, don't you think eventually, these ads will eat itself? And Mac will...


They are currently at less than 5% of the market share. If they get to 20%, hackers might start to bother...

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Help me get my Mac connected to my company's VPN.

Help me get my Mac connected to my company's VPN. I'm running a Mac Book Pro with Lion (10.7.1). I'm one of two or three Mac users at my company, of approx 40 people with minimal IT support (and the IT support we do have is Mac-phobic). The Cisco VPN...


Can you set the CiscoVPN or AnyConnect VPN client to run in 32-bit mode, instead? Click on the application...

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How to get money together to buy a Mac as a student?

I'm currently studding Computing and Applied IT in college and I plan (grades providing) to go to uni to study computer science or networking. As you can imagine on the top of my "I'd love to have list" is a Macintosh and I think that I should...


before you buy a computer see if the college requires a specific computer or with specific settings...

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Why get a Mac when i have Linux PC.?

I run a high end computer with Ubuntu 10.10 on it. I always see people online going blah blah i love my mac its so much better than PC but I don't see how. i used a friends mac and when i was using it, i felt like a child. Everything is too simple a...


The one good thing about Macs is the fact that OS X is so tightly integrated and optimized for a certain...

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Help me get a Mac newbie printing

Looking for an inexpensive wireless printing solution for Mac. (Windows guy trying to help out a friend here. My Mac experience is fairly old. His son bought him a Mac notebook. He asked me to help him get up and running.) He has a new Powerbook (or...


Thanks for the feedback so far. A few responses: Both the laptop and the router are brand new (but non...

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Is there any GOOD reason to get a Mac?

I'd like to buy a mac, possibly an old imac or mac book (the green one!), but I haven't decided if I should even bother. If they are just as usable as a PC, then I have no reason NOT to buy one, but I was wondering if there are any really good reasons...


its a different platform... just like going to Linux or anything else, there are tons of differences...

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