Can I go back to High School?

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You can also get a High School diploma by going back to High School and taking the required classes.

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Please Help?? ): Can i go back to high school before it ends?

Please help? I wanna know if i can go back to high school before it ends in 2 months? I went to regular high school my 9th and 10th year, but at the end of 10th i was told i was gonna get transferred to continuation school for missing credits. So when...


it's to late

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Can my sister go back to high school?

My sister is 23. When she was 13, she became very ill and spent the next 7 years primarily in and out of hospital (mostly in hospital). She tried to her best to finish her education, but she only managed to finished grade 10. She is now well and we are...


I think so, yeah. Totally, she deserves to. This may sound weird, but this guy goes to my brother's...

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Am 19 and i want to go back to high school it about a 2 year i left high school. Can i go back 2 school?

19 want to go back to high school left school about 2 years can i go back


no you cannot go back to high school try to get your GED or check out adult schools to get diploma than...

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Doubtful get ur ged its fast easy and basically looked at as the same as a diploma

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Can I go back to high school now?

So I'm 16, turning 17 in a month. I went to a regular high school in 9th grade and an independent study high school for 10th grade, but left at the beginning of 11th grade, when I got my CHSPE. Now I'm kind of really regretting that, it's been really...


If you have enough credit yes you can start 11 grade again

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I received my GED but now want to go back to high school. Can I receive high school credit for getting a GED?

I am 17. I got my GED a few months ago but now want to return to high school. Will or can the high school give me high school credit for the GED so I can get my diploma sooner? In other words can they give me a credit for the math portion of the GED...


Yes, you can return back to high school and get credit it depends on your score and it also depends...

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Almost 18 and still a freshman, can i go back to high school?? HELP!?

Ok im 17 years old, i turn 18 in november. For skiping and doing stupid things im still a freshman with no credits. Now this year i was still in school but i withdrew hoping to find a nice job and get a g.e.d. Now i wasnt born here and dont have the...


Uh no.. You're an adult now so you have to get your GED. You're not even here legally it sounds.

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I dropped out of high school back in 96 can i still go back?

I was 16 years old back then but iam 31 going on 32 this year. I dropped out back then cause i was scared of high school and the worked got harder and harder. I feel bad now.. Can i still go back? If so how? What are the steps to go back to school?


I graduated high school in 1996. Sorry dear you will be recommended taking a GED (General Education...

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Can i go back to high school to take electives?

Can i go back to my high school just to take the electives that i always wanted to take when i was in high school? Our high school has so many electives that i did not have a chance to take. So is it possible for me to attend only the elective classes...


No, sorry! I'd love that too! Unfortunately, our schools are already underfunded and making them into...

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