Can I re-enroll in high school?

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How many times can you reenroll into a school?

if you get kicked out or leave a high school how many times can you reenroll?


every school district has their own policy. you need to check with your district. in cali, the general...

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I'm 18 years old with only 6 high school credits should I reenroll in school or go for my GED?

Last year listening to my mom when I was 17years old I dropped out of school to get my GED because my mom truely belived I wasn't going to graduate this year. I finally have a more


get ure GED it is more than nothing

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Do Sallie Mae Student Loans goback to interest only if I reenroll in school?

I took a semester break from College and during this break I had to start paying back sallie mae student loan. I was wondering if when I go back to school (or enroll which I already am) do the payments go back to interest only?


You can put in a request to have interest only payments, or you can ask to have no payments. If you...

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Am I allowed to re-enroll in a Michigan high school after successful graduation?

What I have found out so far, is that high school is free until the student reaches the age of 21 years. I'm 19, so I don't yet have to worry about that part. What I am wondering is, am I allowed to reenroll after I have received my diploma? I simply...


For this see I hope that resolves your problem. also helped...

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Can I go to a different high school in the same district here in CALIFORNIA?

Alright now heres the situation: I am currently a Junior in high school who lives on the west side of San Jose, CALIFORNIA (thats important for this). I currently attend Lynbrook High School in the Fremont Union High School District. My family is considering...


Why does everyone live in San Jose O.O I live in Campbell, and we can sign up for any school we want...

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Can I earn 2 High School Diploma's in 2 different countries? (please read the details/description)?

I will try to migrate to the US in a few years. I am close to getting my high school diploma here in the Philippines. High school here in the Philippines, RIGHT NOW, ONLY GOES UP TO THE 10TH GRADE (the Philippines Department of Education will switch...


Don't know !

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Can everyone give me feedback on an essay I wrote about high school education policies?

My parents were surprised the day I got an acceptance letter from Brown University. They were then even more surprised when I proceeded to spend all 8 semesters there on the Dean's List, and graduate Magna *** Laude. But if this is how I performed at...


Your ideas about PE being waived for those in sports makes perfect sense, and I think is a very good...

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Please Help?? ): Can i go back to high school before it ends?

Please help? I wanna know if i can go back to high school before it ends in 2 months? I went to regular high school my 9th and 10th year, but at the end of 10th i was told i was gonna get transferred to continuation school for missing credits. So when...


it's to late

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Can you help me with High School please?

*I'M SORRY THAT THIS IS SO LONG, BUT PLEASE HELP ME, I'M DESPERATE* Hi, so I currently live in Florida, and I am in 8th grade, and I'm 13. It is April 3, my middle school graduation is on June 5. I am probably moving to Boston, MA for high school. I...


I hope that everything works out well for your family. If you are going to have to move, it is better...

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Can you actually be too short to be a high school teacher?

I want to be a high school French teacher, but at twenty years old I still have the height, weight, and voice of a twelve-year-old. I'm afraid these physical attributes will make it nearly impossible for me to be hired and taken seriously as a high school...


As a school board members, age 32, who sometimes looks at our new teachers and thinks, "When did...

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