Can I increase the font size of the toolbar?

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go into your toolbar options and choose the ones you want/

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How do i increase the height of the yahoo toolbar and the font size too?

All of my other toolbars and pages have the correct height and font size--- except for the Yahoo toolbar. it and it's font size is very small. i already have the Text size in the more


Try changing it in your preferences. If this doesn't work, it's a glitch. Click on "Options"...

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If you are on Windows (sounds like you are) there is a keyboardd shortcut CTRL and the PLUS SIGN

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Need help with FrontPage form using totals.

I need help with totaling money on a FrontPage webpage form. I have done them in the past where the user enters a number that indicates the number of items a person wants. This will total at the right and grand total at the bottom. On the form I'm creating...


Hi yelladog-ga, Good day and thanks for your question. i've modified your code in a number of places...

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How Do I Change Default Email Font Size with AT&T Yahoo Browser Toolbar?

I'm trying to help out my Dad with a computer problem but he is in Norther California and I am in Seattle. His Internet Provider (IP) is SBC Global, his Operating System (OS) is Microsoft XP, his Browser is Internet Explorer-8, and he has the AT&...


You shouldn't focus your attention on the AT&T Yahoo Browser Toolbar. Toolbars provide a convenient...

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In my received e-mail the font size is so small I can hardly read the mail. Am I able increase the font size.?

I use 12 or 14 font size in my out going e-mails so they are easily read, this one person keeps sending me e-mails with an approx. size of 6-8. Can I increase the font size of a more


Quick and easy trick. With the page open---press and hold down the "ctrl" key while rolling...

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How do you increase the system font size in OS X?

I don't mean the font size of individual apps, like font in email or documents. I mean the font size of all the text in the Mac user interface. Windows allows you to change the font size in Control Panel/Display.


There is currently no solution built into Apple Snow Leopard or Lion operating Systems. You could change...

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How do I increase font size on my front page?

I know you can change font and font size when composing a blog, but how do I increase font size/style on the rest of trhe page? Sny help would be much appreciated. Thank you. Rebecca


On your "edit custom theme" window, you're able to change the fonts (which are extremely limited...

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How do I increase font size of Yahoo Mail menu page?

The font size of My Yahoo and MSN are ok, only the font size of the Yahoo Mail Menu page and Yahoo mail is too small. How do I increase the font?


ctrl+scroll up or ctrl and +

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Increase font size on messages coming in?

When I recieve a message from some one else it is tiny. Increasing my font size helps what I type but NOT what they send. When they increase their font size, it still comes to me tiny!! How do I get incoming messages to be the size I want on my display...


In view above enter text size and change it.

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