Can I open a brokerage account if I am not a US citizen?

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How can a U.S. citizen open a Canadian brokerage account?

Is there any way to open a Canadian brokerage account while still being a U.S. citizen? I would like to open an online brokerage account if possible in Canada to trade on the TSX (I hate ADR).


Although this is technically possible, you may find that foreign brokers don't want your business because...

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Someone in our community posted the same question. Here's the answer that was provided by an independent...

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Is it possible for a US citizen to apply for US securities brokerage account while living overseas?

I am living in the UK and wish to transfer an existing US brokerage account (with securities) and and IRA to a new firm. However I am finding it difficult to open a US account from overseas, and I am also finding it difficult as a US citizen to open...


I suggest you have a look at USAA and see if you qualify.  For full membership, you have to be or have...

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What do I need to do to set up a online brokerage account? I'm a US citizen living in Mexico?

I don't earn money in the US, I don't live in the US. I don't want to pay taxes I don't need to. How can I open an account? Thanks


Contact a big name brokerage firm and ask them - i.e. Merrill Lynch...

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Can a US Embassy notarize a document for a foreign person with a brokerage account in the US?

Any help would be great. I have a friend who needs to confirm that his brokerage account (Ameritrade) belongs to him. He however is a French citizen and needs to get his letter more


Yes. See the consular section Web page. There are two ways to accomplish this: either at the embassy...

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Does appointing US resident Power of Attornery for my trading account affects my NRA status?

Does appointing somebody who is US resident as a Power of Attornery for my trading account affects my Non Resident Alien status? I am Not US citizen or Green Card Holder. I have not Visited United states ever. But, I am going to appoint my friend who...


It should not. But FINRA and the IRS are always looking out for shady dealings. Any transactions must...

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American using brokerage account in tax haven country?

Am I, as an American citizen, although not a registered tax payer, allowed to manage a stock brokerage account, set up in a country with no capital gains tax or income tax?


allowed to manage a stock brokerage account, You don't set-up a brokerage account with an American broker...

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Capital Gain Taxation for Dual United States/Canadian Citizen?

I'm both a United States and Canadian Citizen. I'll be moving back to Canada next year permanently. I have all of my savings in a US brokerage (non-retirement) account. I've held my stocks for over a year. I plan on selling off my portfolio all at once...


If you are a resident of Canada, you'll end up reporting the gains twice. Once on the Canadian return...

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Wells Fargo Brokerage Account?

I'm a bit new to trading stocks (although doing quite well), but am unclear about how a couple things work. When and where are the funds in my brokerage account taxable? I asked a very unhelpful Wells Fargo brokerage person this once, and he said if...


Assuming you are talking about a taxable account, your Wells contact was mistaken. Movements of cash...

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Coverdell Account: DRIP vs Brokerage?

Just had a baby and looking to set up a Coverdell account for her. I'm trying to determine if using a DRIP account would be more beneficial versus opening an account with a brokerage (Scottrade). If I use the DRIP approach, I would have to open an account...


That's great that you want to start saving now for you child's college education. Nothing is more important...

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