Can I play bad company 2 on my PC?

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Requirements Test - Can I run ...

Can my computer run Battlefield: Bad Company 2. System Requirements Lab analyzes your computer in just seconds, and it's FREE. Run it now. Can You Run It ...

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Can my pc play battlefield bad company 2?

hey, ive never really heard of this game untill a few weeks ago, and everyone says its amazing, i hate playing fps on consoles so i wanna get it on pc, but im not sure i can handle more


i have a very hard time running bad company. so just be carful

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Would my pc play bioshock 2 and bad company 2 in medium settings with 40 fps?

Hello would my pc able to run bioshock 2 and battle field bad company 2 in MEDIUM SETTINGS with 40 FPS my pc dual core e5200@2.5 ghz 2 gb ram ddr2 (667 mhz) asrock g31 ms board more


Yeah looks good for medium settings only though.

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No, Battlefield Bad Company 2 is not a cross platform game.

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Yes, works best with xbox controller. But any will do, just bind the buttons.

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You need Xbox live gold to play it online on the Xbox 360, gold costs money. It's free to play online...

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Can you play battlefield bad company 2 with...this setting on my pc?

im planning on getting one but im not sure if its compatible with my computer. i have a evga 9500gt ddr2 and duo core. with a 1gb ram.... im not a computer smart but do you think it more


Well if your computer wouldn't turn on last time you put in RAM maybe it is because your PC requires...

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Do allot of people still play bad company 2 on PC?

i have it on ps3 and i love it, but i saw it on steam for ten dollars, so i was considering buying it, but do people still play it? i dont want to pay for empty servers


they sure do. it is so fun! go for it!

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Do people still play bad company 2 vietnam on pc?

I want to know if people still play it before I spend 15 bucks.



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Whenever i try to play bad company 2 on my pc, it says cant log in?

well i bought bfbc2 and it worked fine till i reinstalled windows, now its saying in the bottom right hand corner, when this game asks for the code type this in or whatever. and its an activation code, but where the hell do i put it?


A window should come up and tell you to enter it

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