Can i play modern warfare 2?

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Modern warfare 2, I can't play online?

It lets me get online, and I can change my classes, call signs, and look all in barracks, but it wont let me join a game. I try to join a friends game and it says, "Your playlist data is newer than the host's. You will be unable to play with them until they restart to get the new playlists." and most of my friends don't have the new stimulus package map pack. My NAT type is open. My internet works just fine, and my other online games work fine. If you can help me, I would be greatly appreciative...


did you update your game its probably that ur gonna have to wait until ur friends update there system...

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How can I convince my mom to let me play MAG and Modern Warfare 2?

How can I convince my mom to let me play MAG and Modern Warfare 2? hi, Im 13 & i REALLY want to play those games, and Killzone 2; but my mom wont let me. my dad doesnt care, but my mom does. I REALLY need help. ALL my friends play these games. My...


i used to have this problem just try and explain to her why they arent even bad but make sure u dont...

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When i tried to play modern warfare 2, an error has there something i can do to fix this?

when i clicked the modern warfare 2 icon,an error came up. it says that "error during initialization: video card or driver doesn't support UBYTE4N vertex data.". can i just download something to fix this or i really have to buuy this hardware...


You really have to buy at least the minimum graphics card needed by the game - an NVIDIA 6600 GT or...

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Can I use the Xbox 360 controller to play Modern Warfare 2 on PC?

I have the USB Xbox 360 Controller for my PC. Is there a way that I can enable it to play Modern Warfare 2 instead of using the keyboard and mouse?


no. no u cant. :(

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How many hours can I play Modern Warfare 2 PS3 with 250mb of 3g internet?

Me and my friends are going to a cabin and one of them is bringing his ps3. I was thinking of getting Verizon wireless 3g prepaid internet to Modern Warfare 2 on Ps3. I know its a rip more


It probably wouldnt be fast enough to play MW2. But you can't do it anyway because the only thing that...

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Can I play COD Modern Warfare 2 with my mom on the same PS3?

I tried last time and it didn't work. I'm not sure if I did something wrong. I guess I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. But I was wondering if we could have like a "free for all" battle against each other in some mode.


choose a local multiplayer match then set up your game . read the games manual .

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Its up to you if you can play it but i suggest you do because its going to be AWESOME!

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Can i play call of duty modern warfare 2 with my pc?

i want it to run pretty smooth and dont want it to lag but i dont know if my pc is good enough to have it that way. i went to "can you run it" and it said i met the minimum more


ya u can

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I'm planning to buy a laptop for gaming, I was wondering if these specs can play RE5 or modern warfare 2. TIA!?

INTEL CENTRINO CORE 2DUO T7100 1.8GHZ santa rosa (2mb L2 cache, 800mt/s FSB i think) NVIDIA 8400M GS 512MB 1 gig ram if not.. any suggestions perhaps? I'm planning to buy it later guys.. thanks in advance! ^_^


"Hey Im buying this Dell and I was wondering if this laptop would handle Call fo Duty Modern Warfare...

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I have a laptop so can i play modern warfare 2?

hey guys! I have a toshiba satellite and it doesn't meet the system requirements for mw2 for the PC. I'll list my system info: MANUFACTURER-toshiba PROCESSOR-Intel Celeron more


i got a laptop a lil' better than yours and i can only play mw1 with some confort with EVERYTHING on...

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