Can I record a DVD from a Blu-ray?

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Can I record a standard dvd from a blu ray?

I would like to record a standard dvd from a blu ray disk. Is this possible? is the format the same? Is there enough space on a standard dvd?


Well not straight from the blu ray you can't because its a lot larger of a file then dvd's can handle...

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How can I record to DVD; my TV only has HDMI out?

My Samsung LN46A650 LCD TV is the hub of my system. The cable, computer, Bluray and DVD player all plug directly into the TV; there is no cable converter box. The TV has an HDMI output and audio outputs but no analog video outputs. Last week, I bought...


Your TV doesn't have "HDMI outputs" as you indicate. It might output a control signal but...

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How do you turn off Simplink feature on LG DVD recorder and Blu Ray player?

I have just got an LG BD350 blu Ray player, and while happy with it it has the very annoying thing of switching on the DVD player, an LG DRT389H. Yes, the remotes are the same, save for different colour buttons, and I know the LG uses the Simplink function...


You need it on for all three devices (tv, dvd and BR). Then reprogram the settings, according to the...

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Bluray or Tivo for time shifting Hi-def TV?

We still have the old VHS and DVD system. I'm pretty sure neither can capture the full range of hi-def TV programing for later viewing. I'm sure this has been asked before, but if we upgrade, which should we get -- a DVR or a Bluray? We're leaning towards...


Blu-Ray is the only one right now that can achieve true 1080P, however this is only available on blu...

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Can I hook up a VHS player to my PS3 to record the tapes?!?

Hey i sort of have a problem. I recorded on my dvd player my VHS tapes to get them on dvd, but it wont let me play them on any other device. So i was thinking mabey i can use my ps3 to record the tapes than transfer the file to a bluray disc. idk if...


hello just finalize the dvds on what ever u used too burn them that makes them playable in most dvd...

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DVD player has packed up. What should I do?

Should I buy a new one? Should I wait to buy a new format HD DVD or Bluray? Should I buy AppleTV to sync up to my Mac? Or should I subscribe to Sky+? Too many choices . . . . I want to watch purchased and downloaded stuff as well as record stuff from...


DVD players are less than a hundred bucks. Don't base your entire entertainment system that could run...

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Why are DVD-only copies of New Releases being released 2 weeks after BluRay-Only & BluRay/DVD Combos?

I am one who has been a collector of Movies/TV on DVD for 10 years now, have nearly 300 Movies or so on DVD, and for the past 10 years things have been good for me, when buying a movie on DVD (Especially New Releases that I have anticipation for home...


There zoning them out

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How do I record DVD to DVD?

I run a very small DVD duplication business and am wondering a good way to record DVD to DVD without using a computer. I have seen many "DVD Recorders" online at Best Buy, Sony Etc. but my confusion is they only have 1 input tray, so I do not...


DVD duplicators are available for purchse prices start at $159 and go up depending on Blu-Ray or DVD...

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Power DVD playing bluray and HD DVD?

I have a GGC-H20L Bluray/HDDVD drive. I am using the Power DVD program that came with it, to play both HD DVD and bluray (and DVD) but the player is only working for some disks. On the ones it is not working on, you try and play the disk, the player...


Do you have your computer connected to an HDCP compliant monitor via a digital (HDMI) connection? For...

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The programs i record on my Virgin + box can i record them on a blank disc dvd using my laptop dvd player?

when i press the v+ button then go to v + extras it says copy to vcr/dvd my vcr/dvd recorder is broken i wanted to know can i record them using my laptop dvd player on a blank dvd disc and what leads do i need to connect to my laptop then to my virgin...


You need an A/V capture device to record to your computer first. Then, you can author to DVD-Video.

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