Can I use a 4 ohm crossover with a high pass slope of 24 db with a 6 ohm tweeter that has a 6 db slope?

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Car Stereo - Db Drag Association

The rate at which the attenuating process takes place is dependent upon the slope of the crossover. ... in series with a 4 ohm tweeter, ... (6 dB/octave) high pass ...

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Which Amp Will Be Good For 4 Of These Speakers?

LANZAR OPTI62 6.5" CAR SPEAKERS Custom Tooled Die-Cast Aluminum Basket Special Aluminum Alloy Cone Non-Fatiguing Butyl Rubber Surround High Temperature Voice Coil High Density Barium Ferrite Magnet 1'' Silk--Neo Aluminum Tweeter Power Handling:...


I ran Lanzar 10" subs back in the day. That was all I could afford at the time and to be honest...

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1 got 3 different amp's to choose from which is best for my 2 dvc 4ohm subs,and how do i wire it 4 more boom?

i have two 4ohm dvc PERFORMANCE TEKNIQUE sub 500 rms,and three amps to choose from but dont know wich is the best for my subs could you let me know which of them you think ill get more power from and how to wire that subs to that amp? here are the specs...


All three of those amps are NOT enuff to power TWO of your subs. you have two subs that are 500rms EACH...

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I have 2 12" car sub woofers that I would like to connect to a receiver, any recommendations?

I have 2 12" kicker sub woofers (Kicker C12 COMP 12-Inch 600W Subwoofers with Sub Box) (600 Watt Total Power Handling (300 Watt Each Sub) RMS Power: 300 Watts Total (150 Watt Each Sub) Subwoofer Part Number: C124 4 ohm voice coil 89.1 Db sensitivity...


The subwoofer Gods are frowning on you right now. There is no easy way to use a car audio amplifier...

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I just bought subs and i need your help with an AMP?

I have the new JBL GTO1204BP-D The info is: 1200 watts 600 watts RMS (300 WATTS RMS Per Sub) Bandpass enclosure with GTO Series 12" polypropylene woofer Medium density fiberboard construction with front-firing slot vent Plexiglas front window Built...



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Low pass/crossover ohm help?

OK so i have a the JBL Array 4893 sub. They are two 8 ohm subs and I have them wired together on a terminal in parallel so they're 4 ohm now. I want to buy a cheap crossover for them. I found this one


it looks right but I'm not sure where you got 2 ohms from

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Can i wire two Dual 4-ohm Kicker Subwoofers to a mono amp? Which Hifonics amp should i buy to push both subs?

The specs on the (2) Kicker Subwoofers: Kicker 05CVR12-4 RMS Power Range:50-400 watts Peak Power Handling:800 watts Impedance: Dual 4 ohm Specs on Hifonics BX605 1200 Watts 1-Channel Class A/B Monoblock Amplifier A/B-Class Amplifier Topography Ultri...


yes u can....both subs wired u can set it up for either a 1ohm load or a 4 ohm load.....i suggest wirring...

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Please let me know which setup is the best for 2 subs and a amp.?

I am trying buy a pair of 2 matching subs. I want to know which one will be the best without being blown. I currently have a sealed box. Amp info = Outputs = [+][+][-][-] Ground Pounder Series 1-Channel Class D Car Amplifier RMS Power Rating: 4 ohms...


Kicker CompVR 07CVR122 would be my choice. You would be pushing around 375 watts to each sub, which...

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Can I run a 4 ohm driver through an 8 ohm passive crossover?

This is for a 3 way loudspeaker. I want to hook up an 8 ohm tweeter, 8 ohm mid, and a 4 ohm sub to the 8 ohm passive crossover. The crossover is 8 ohm impedance only. I probably should have found the answer first, but I already hooked it up and everything...


Damage, probably not, unless your receiver doesn't like 4 ohm loads. Does it balance out okay in terms...

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