How can I maintain a 4.0 high school GPA?

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How to Maintain a 4.0 GPA (with Pictures) - wikiHow

How to Maintain a 4.0 GPA. The pressure's on to maintain that ... There are a billions of tricks on wikiHow can teach you on ... Excel in High School. How to ...

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Do I have a chance of getting into DO/Podiatric school with a 3.30 overall and a 3.40 science gpa?

HI all. I am currently an Undergrad Nursing Student with a 3.30 overall for DO school and a 3.40 science gpa for DO school and a 3.30 overall and 3.30 science gpas for Podiatric more


I don't know but who the hell tries this hard in school GET A LIFE!

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How do I maintain a 4.0 GPA in High School?

So, I'm currently an 8th grader, and pretty soon we'll be choosing our classes for next year. I plan on signing up for all honors classes, and my electives are french, and art (to name a few) And I was wondering on how I'm going to maintain a 4.0 GPA...


Take AP courses, total grade inflation. Get on A or a 5 and it totally skews up your GPA.

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Two High School GPA's?

I just had my first freshman semester of highschool. I was under the impression that I would have one GPA my semester GPA. (semester GPA=40% 1st Quarter, 40% 2nd Quarter, and 20% Final Exam) So I got a couple B's in my quarter classes but made sure I...


I have the same question..! I really have no idea of what this accumulative GPA is, but i had it on...

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Is transferring to reset my gpa a good idea to get into an ivy?

I have decided to transfer out of the current university that I am currently attending, I have not been very happy with this school and as a result my gpa has suffered. I currently have a 3.0 :/ Also, I am currently a sophomore. My 3 year old SAT scores...


Top schools like the ones you mention are *incredibly* competitive for transfer admissions - much more...

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I want to be a High School History Teacher. I need help, how do I get there?

I am 19 years old and I live just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. In High School, I ****** around. Did a lot of drugs, made a lot of bad decisions. Graduated with a 2.3 GPA, and only scored a 19 on my ACT. I need to do something with my life and I have always...


Go to the state website for State Board of Education. You'll see the requirements. You have to start...

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What chance do I have for getting accepted to a U.S. medical school?

I want to know my chances of getting accepted to medical school. My first choice would be UCSF or Stanford, my second choice would be another U.S. medical school and my last choice would be an offshore medical school. I have done some preliminary research...


Hello Cynthia Diane, You’re confronted with a very tough decision. It looks like you’ve already...

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What is the minimum GPA to get into a very good grad school in Engineering ?

I'm currently an undergrad in Sri Lanka, and want to get into a very good grad school for Engineering in the US (like MIT, stanford, caltech etc). Our GPA system is slightly different from the system in the US. 4.2 - A+ - greater than 85% in your assessment...


You need a US 3.0 or better to get into any grad school in the USA. Your GRE score is very important...

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What GPA Do you have to have to get an acedemic patch?

In my school, we get academic varsity jacket patches once we have a certain gpa for the whole year. But I dont know what gpa you have to have. What gpa does it have to be in your school? I think mine is you have to maintain a gpa of 3.0 for one whole...


I think you have to ask someone who actually goes to your school. In college you get put on the deans...

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Choice between school band and higher GPA/sanity?

Hi. I'm a current sophomore, going into junior year, in a school band. I'm trying to decide if staying in is worth it or not. I'm a clarinet player, somewhat decent (I'm in a 1st band, and I made mid-level region band), but nothing special. I love orchestral...


What I would do in your situation is quit. There is really no point to staying. It would actually hurt...

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