Can I use a US memory stick for my Japanese PSP?

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Can I use any memory stick pro duo w/ a PSP?

I am planning on buying a PSP, but I really don't want to get the bundle for the memory card if I can just use an old memory stick I used in my cybershot camera. I just bough a more


Yes any memory stick pro duo will work. Dont listen to the "special gamming stick" because...

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I have a psp and lost my memory stick what cool things can i use my psp for now?

ok i lost my psp's memory stick and don't want to buy another one so what can i do to my psp without a memory stick,hacks,or any ting of that nature please help thanks


Pretty much nothing. All you can do is read UMB discs and use the web browser. You can't play any music...

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Can the PSP only use one type of memory stick pro duo?

I found a 2gb memory stick pro duo on Circuit City for 39.99 The 2gb memory stick for the PSP is also a pro duo but is 99.99 Is there a difference between the 2? I don't want to waste 60 extra dollars on the memory stick. If you know the answer make...


I believe that is correct .

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Can I use ChickHen? Did I screw up my Memory Stick(PSP)?

I formatted my memory stick to have ISO folders and stuff, it changed my memory card but my PSP is still v6.20. I went through a guide on youtube that told me to format the memory more


Yses the only way of getting Cfw is downgrading Pandora's Battery and a Magic memoty stick then using...

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Can I use an SD card (or something else) instead of a memory stick duo for the PSP?

I just got a PSP, but it didn't come with a memory stick duo. I also got a game, but it won't let me save without this. Can I use something else that I might already have in more


You can use a Memory Stick Pro Duo but that's just a variation of what you don't have. So the answer...

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Slim psp can use Memory Stick Duo?

Note without the word "PRO". if yes, then is there any issue with Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick PRO Duo?


Yes, both Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick Pro Duo are just the same, and both PSP Phat and PSP Slim...

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Can i use a different memory stick for my psp?

i ve seen the most was 4 GB for psp. but i noticed at best they have camera sticks up 8 even 16GB can that be used for the PSP?


If Its for a camera it wont work the only way is if it fits and most camera use SD memory cards and...

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Is my old 2gb memory stick safe to use still on my psp (read the detail please)?

I recently got 5.00-4m33 put onto my psp and got a 4gb memory stick too (both from Laverton market) about 4-5 days later i turn on my psp and it does not recognize my 4gig memory stick then i pop in my 2gig one works like new. I don't know whether (the...


You can use any memory stick, i use a 2GB one and it works fine.

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Only if your camera is a Sony. Most Sony products use Memory Sticks, most other brands use SD cards...

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