Can I use a t-mobile contract phone on a prepaid plan?

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Can you use a contract T-Mobile phone for a pre-paid T-mobile plan?

My friend needs a cell phone, and I was wondering if I gave him my old T-Mobile phone from my contract, would it work for his pre-paid plan?


I believe so. I used to use my old prepaid TMobile Phone as a backup and it worked just fine. As long...

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As long as the T-Mobile phone that you want to use is also a prepaid phone, it should be as easy as...

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Getting it all in a single cheap cell phone, with a single cheap cell phone plan. Possible?

I have an old cell phone. I have a old digital camera. I have a simple mp3 player. I want GPS. I currently pay $60/month for unlimited calling (but no data) on my Tmobile plan. Can I get all or most of these things on one cell phone without spending...


The best course of action is to go into a local T-Mobile retail outlet, explain your situation, and...

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How/Where can I buy a contract-free Samsung Galaxy S2 before getting it unlocked for international use?

I will be doing a lot of traveling this upcoming year, so I would like to get a contract-free plan with T-Mobile. My current contract with AT&T will expire within the next month, and I am severely due for a new phone. That being said, I would like...


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Phone plan help!! Keeping two plans at once?

So I'm about ready to switch carriers from verizon to tmobile...but the problem is, my contract ends on the 3rd which is a Monday, and if I switch I need the entire family to switch as well which includes my sister, but shes up in riverside right now...


No the unlocked verizon iphone is NOT compatible with t-mobile there are 2 different iphone 4 models...

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Can I use any T-Mobile phone with a T Mobile No-Contract plan?

I enjoy T-Mobile's low priced no-contract plans, but I am wondering if I can use any T-Mobile phone with the no contract plans, or do I have to use one of the lame, no-contract phones.


Yes, You can use any phone with any plan, you have to call T-Mobile and ask for a SIM card for the Plan...

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Can I use an andriod phone on my sprint contract that does not have a data plan?

Hi I have an evo that has a clear esn (someone gave me) I wanted to use it but I only have Texting and talk on my plan and do not want to pay for a data plan or that 4g charge. Can I use as my regular phone or not? Or can I just use it like and iPod...


Android phones are smartphones & smartphones require data plans.

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Can you really buy a prepaid cell phone to use on a regular (contract) t-mobile cell plan?

I've heard rumors that you can buy a prepaid cell phone (which are generally a lot cheaper and don't require contract extensions) and use it if you have a regular cell phone agreement. Is this true? I'd like to save money and not sign away the next ...


you can buy a prepaid phone and use it with a contract plan my sidekick2 broke so i bought a prepaid...

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I want a no contract phone plan that I can use with my own phone?

I have the samsung galaxy ace and I would like a NO contract plan that I can simply pay every month which includes unlimited voice, text and data. Is it possible? I need a sim based more


I work for ATT. Go into a local ATT store and just have them set you up with a Go-Phone plan. You will...

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Is there any way to use a verizon phone on a tmobile plan?

Is there any way I can use an old iPhone 4s and bring it on a t-mobile plan? If so, how and is it risky to ruin the phone? Thanks!


Directly to Tmobile.... no! Their system wont allow it you you can go through Striaght Talk using a...

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