Can I use an American express gift card on paypal?

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Can you use an American Express gift card as a credit card?

I want to buy presale tickets on ticketmaster, but you need to be an American Express Card Member. If I got a gift card, could I use it like a credit card? I read that you had to call and register it under your name, so if I do this, will it work? Have you done it yourself successfully? I really badly want tickets to this concert, but once they are open to the public, prices are jacked way up! Thanks!!


No, that will not work. Your card needs to be an actual credit card issued in your name to take advantage...

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Can you use an american express gift card to add as a credit card for paypal?

Im trying to buy something in ebay and i was wondering if i could pay in paypal but somehow instead of using my credit card use the gift card


Yes, American express gift cards allow you check their balance online, all you need is the card number...

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How Can I use my PRE-PAID American express gift card on ebay/paypal?

I have some money left on it and i wanted to be sure that i could use it before i start bidding on stuff. Thanks ALOT !


You can use American express gift cards anywhere that accepts American express credit cards. So I would...

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Can I use an American Express gift card online?

Hey. I've used an American Express gift card on game services on Steam and Xbox Live before and it worked. Now I want to use it from a website where I can buy cd keys for cheaper (it's legit, I've witnessed my friend buy tons of cd keys and they worked...


most web sites do not accept gift and pre paid cards for purchases

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Can i use an american express prepaid gift card with

I'm wondering if i can use an american express prepaid gift card to buy G1 credits on I've tried but ever time i use it as a regular credit card i get a Your Credit Card payment has failed. Please contact us for assistance. message....


yes, it can be used anywhere, on line or in person contact customer service

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can i use an amazon gift card to buy an american express gift card?

I dont want to buy anything on amazon, but i still can use the money somewhere else, so can't i buy a gift card for american express.... it always directs me to the american express cite. Thanks



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I need help linking up my American Express $50 gift card with Paypal for use with

Ok, so i started up a paypal account. I confirmed my american express gift card with it and everything like that. But now that i'm looking at my balance, it says $3.90. That balance should be $50 since i haven't used this gift card on anything else....


I'm not sure gift cards count as credit cards as far as PayPal is concerned. I know that you often can...

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Can I use a Kroger gift card to buy and American Express gift card?

Long story short, someone gave me a Kroger gift card for 50 bucks that i don't really need to use. Can i use this at Kroger to buy a an AMEX gift card or will they not let me do that? Thanks.


Sorry.... just merchandise. If you won't use the Kroger card either re-gift it (a lot of people would...

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Can I use a Walgreen's Gift Card to by an American Express gift card?

I'm running low on cash and I would like to buy an Amer. Ex. gift card for my cousin for her birthday. Is it possible to by a card with a Walgreen's gift card?


as long it is a pre-paid card

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How can I use my American express gift card online?

I tried to use it through PayPal and it wouldn't work. Does this need to be activated or something? Is there any way to use it online? I entered all my information correctly in PayPal but it told me to try another card. I just bought this, it has $2...


Your card has already been activated, the cashier does that after they ring it up. I used a vanilla...

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