Can i connect my laptop to a tower as a monitor?

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Can I have a DVI and VGA cable connect to my computer monitor at the same time? DVI going to tower and VGA going to laptop.?

My desktop computer monitor is connected to the tower via a DVI cable. I wanted to disconnect the tower end and plug it into my laptop so that I can use my laptop and computer monitor more


yes to all

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Ive just invested in another PC,can i connect my tower off it and 20 inch monitor too to my lap top also?

What it is,is that the tower i have does,nt have the facility for burning dvd/cds.So can i connect my other tower and monitor to my laptop and run everything that way?OR WILL IT CAUSE more


Would have been a lot cheaper to have installed a DVD burner, about £25. The rest of you're question...

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How Do I Hook/Connect my Computer Tower to my Laptop so I can retrieve files from my Tower?

Hello, I have an Toshiba laptop and a Compaq Tower Computer. As of this year my famil replace the old tower with a new one but didn't bother to save any of the files on the old tower, so we have a tower with many files, pictures, music, home videos,...


I would unhook the monitor from the new tower, hook it up to the old one, and then network the two computers...

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Getting a laptop and monitor, but I have some Questions.?

Ok, so I'm getting an Alienware M14 laptop but I want to get a monitor with it, so I'm getting a monitor and a keyboard, but how do you connect it to the laptop? Do I need to get a a tower if I connect it to the laptop? How do you make it so you can...


Most laptops have a VGA port to use a monitor -if you don't want to use the screen that's built in to...

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Connect a desktop tower to a laptop?

Hi everyone! I am having a problem, the monitor for my desktop computer is after breaking and at the moment cant afford to buy another one. Does anyone know if I can connect my desktop tower to my laptop monitor and if it can be done would it damage...


you may find monitor for less than $100 check e-bay or

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How do you use your laptop as a second monitor?

i have a pc tower but not the monitor, i want to get some files from the pc tower do i was thinking if i could connect a vga wire to my laptop and pc tower and boot up thr tower and use the laptop screen as the tower screen?


Most Laptops, if not all, only have a VGA out and so cannot be used as a monitor as far as I'm aware...

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Is it possible to connect a monitor to my laptop and use both at the same time?

i have recently junked my computer tower but have kept the monitor cuase its a flatscreen, and i was wondering if it was possible to use this monitor with my moms laptop that she is lending to me for the time being. I have Xp homeedition and it is a...


Very simple. Just connect the IO port of the laptop to your flatscreen and hit function F4 on ur laptop...

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I cannot connect my laptop to monitor!!!!!!!!?

I don't know why but when i connect the VGA to my laptop (mini one the netbook one) nothing shows up on my monitor...It sux that i cant connect it to the monitor will someone please help this is my first time i got my laptop so please tell me how to...


there is a key combination to use to get it to work. Ctrl+ F3 on most but yours may be diff.look to...

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Can I connect a laptop to an HDTV and a Monitor at the same time?

So, basically, I need to know if you can connect a laptop to an HDTV AND a Monitor at the SAME time. I connect my laptop via HDMI cable to my LCD HDTV. I sometimes connect my external monitor to my laptop sometimes. But I would like to connect to both...


you need to set up , multiple moniters in your video card settings, try to google about your video card...

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My laptop monitor does not function, however the external monitor (which i connect does). what is the problem?

I have a Compaq Presario 2539A. Once i had accidently collided with my laptop and after that the monitor sometimes does not display properly - in fact the screen does switch on but is very, very hazy and i am not able to see anything. But if I connect...


I would say there is a loose connection to your monitir. Go to a repair shop tomake sure and get a professional...

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