Can someone please help me? Nursing?

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Dental Hygienist or Nursing ! PLEASE HELP?

Hey guys, So I am a student in my last semester of high school, getting ready to apply for college. I am SO CONFUSED on what I want to do, all I know is that I want to work with health. The two occupations I am most stuck with is dental hygienist and nursing (p.s I am a male, i know these are girl jobs) can someone please help me.. please can some please touch up on the following questions and topics Which one is better in your opinion ? which one pays better? where is there more of a success rate...


The fact that you are a guy really doesn't matter. Don't pay any attention to that stuff. Nursing is...

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Can someone PLEASE help me, I have a question about Nursing degrees?

I already have my Associate's of Science, so what will I be taking for my Nursing Associate's besides the actual Nursing classes?


Can you go to the website of the university you are attending and see what classes you need? Or call...

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Can someone help me to come up of an interesting topic about nursing? PLEASE!?

I havent come up of a topic and nursing is what really interest me. However, I need an interesting topic about it.


I will not begin to speak on this theme.

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Can someone help me make sense of the field of nursing please?

as im trying to decide exactly what to major in, i thought it might be worthwhile to consider the field of nursing, especially since i truly enjoy helping others. but i have no idea more


Essentially there are several ways to obtain an RN licensure, but the best way to do so is a BSN (bachelor...

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Will someone please help me on figure out what the future holds for the nursing career field!?

How much will the work or purpose of a nurse change over time? I'm 15 researching for a job in the nursing field. I want a career that doesn't change to much. I want a career more


nursing career field is really mushrooming until now..

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Someone please help me! nursing questions!?

I'm wanting to become a nurse, and I'm getting my G.E.D. in a couple weeks. I just dont know how to get started. Like which steps to take first! Money isn't really an issue, so you answers would help please!


Finish your GED. Then, you can contact a college and talk to admissions. There will be a test you will...

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Could someone please help me get some information on being a certified nursing assistant?

I'm looking into becoming a CNA after i finish high school and I really need to know some things. Like can anyone tell me how long it takes to get a CNA license? and how much is the more


Well giglogo is pretty much right. I work a a CNA myself and you should just go into a couple of nursing...

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I will attempt to help you but I will NOT give you the answers.. my email is on my profile

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Hey Miriam. I have my own system that works very well for saving money at the grocery store. As a dad...

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(Please Answer?) Would it be illgeal to help someone escape from a nursing home?

What kind of consenquens would hsappen to the person helping and what about the person who esacped?



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