What is Computer Science? Can someone please explain to me?

Let’s learn what is Computer Science? Can someone please explain to me. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by seas.gwu.edu.

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Computer Science Careers - SEAS

Computer Science Careers: What exactly is Computer Science? ... So, what are these areas of computer science? You can: learn about how computers are built ...


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Can someone please explain the answers to these computer science questions?

Consider the following variable declarations in C are placed starting at memory byte address 800. Assume 4 bytes to a word and each word is 32 bits. Assume variable array is a string ...show more


the word stores an int 3 so that's in hex: 00 00 00 03 therefore the first byte is 0x00 for part b you...

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Computer Engineer/Technician needed for school assignment please!?

I have this assignment from my English class that I have to interview someone from the field I am interested in. I am interested in Computer Engineering and if someone can answer these questions in as much detail as they can it would be greatly appreciated...


I'm a senior software engineer. I can answer your questions but I would prefer to email or IM your the...

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What is the difference between computer science vs computer engineering in US graduate studies?

Researching graduate study options in the US, computer science and computer engineering seem to be two vastly different areas of study. Is this across all universities? Can someone please explain this difference.


I'm Europe that's different. Computer engineering is something that concernes with all areas of IT technologies...

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Could someone please explain what kind of jobs a psychology or social science degree would get me?

I have an associates degree in early childhood education but, after having my own kids I realize this isn't something I would like to do with my life. I was looking into getting a bachelor’s degree in either psychology or social science. The classes...


Your best bet would be to get a Bachelor in Social Work (BSW). This is a far more practical degree than...

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Can someone please explain the nauseating feeling I get after computer use.?

I've noticed that whenever I spend a lot of time on my computer I start to feel sick and nauseous, usually it goes away after a while if I stay off the computer or go to sleep. I am wondering what causes these feelings, is it the brightness, the wifi...


Sometimes the screen 'refresh rate' makes eye strain more prominent. See if yours can be changed. Also...

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My dad is computer illiterate can someone please explain to him...?

the the computer is not slow because i have music on it. we have 51.5 gig hard drive and 2.77 gig of free space left. we have 2.14 GHz processor and 192 MB of ram. i only have 7 gig of music on this computer and he reckons. get rid of the music, the...


The reason the computer gets slow is due to the registry files becoming corrupted, or messed up, in...

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Can someone please explain to me some computer terminology and the differences?

i have a hard time trying to understand about computer specs, even when reading about it. can someone please explain to me simply? thank you in advance what's the difference ...show more


An SSD is a Solid State Drive which means that the memory storage is comprised on non-moving solid state...

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Can someone please explain to me what is wrong with my computer?

The problem is that it won't write CDs or DVDs. However, it does read them. So can someone please explain to me why this happens? Some people told me that it might be from the Windows, which is Vista by the way, but I don't know, I'm not really good...


the reason should be that your DVD writer's lance not working properly. if its warranty or guarantee...

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Can someone explain these Earth Science questions please?

In what order do materials settle in water? Design and carry out an experiment to determine the order in which different sized materials (e.g., sand, gravel, topsoil) settle out in water after they have been mixed up. What is the effect of soil type...


basically what happens is the more dense materials will settle on the bottom first. an example is oil...

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