Can you explain the concept of energy conservation?

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It's not really that complicated. Einstein's famous mass energy relationship is: E=mc^2, where E is...

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Law of Conservation of Energy.Can anyone explain this example from the Feynman Lectures on Physics?

Explain the following extract from the Feynman lectures so that a 10th grader can understand.Note that I do not want you to explain what conservation of energy is,I just want understand the following extract clearly.Try to be as simple as possible. ...


Stevinus is a more logic rather than mathmatics. You get the same result as I got below without all...

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Apply the concept of conservation of mechanical energy in order to calculate escape speed from earth's surface?

The escape speed of an object is the term used for the initial speed needed to escape from the surface of a planet or moon so that, after escape, the object has zero speed left. Apply the concept of conservation of mechanical energy (=GPE+KE) in order...


The equation for gravitational potential energy is: GPE = -GMm/r GPE = Gravitational Potential Energy...

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Using the law of conservation of energy, explain why you become tired from pushing your bicycle along the road

The law of conservation of energy is energy can be neither created nor destroyed by ordinary means. Thats what my book gave me as a definition.


no "physical" energy is lost ihe bike is there, your there, etc.. you become tired due to...

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Is conservation of energy a concept developed out of experiments or can it be derived out of any theoretical model (like Newtonian mechanics or general relativity)?

Do physicists take "The Law of Conservation of energy" as an axiom because it agrees with the experiments or has any modern theoretical model like general relativity, quantum mechanics been able to prove it theoretically.


A2A Conservation of energy comes from Noether's theorem in systems which can be described by a Lagrangian...

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Please explain conservation of energy?

If energy cannot be created or destroyed, and E=mc^2 then surely you can destroy energy by turning it into matter and vice versa? Where an I going wrong with this? Thanks


The law of conservation of energy states that the total amount of energy in a closed system remains...

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Describe the reaction and explain why this change does not violate the law of conservation of energy?

when wood is burned,energy is released in the forms of heat and light. but remember to use the terms combustion, exothermic, and chemical energy


when wood is burned CHEMICAL ENERGY is converted into heat and light energy through COMBUSTION, this...

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You have recently been elected President of the United States. Explain what energy conservation policy you?

would enact and what energy source you would explore for future use???


cut tress, dig more oil, build more fish hatchery`s and kick 12 million people out who don`t belong...

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A Hypothesis about Energy, God, and The Consciousness. What do you think?

The Hypothesis is thus. Based on the scientific law of Conservation of energy, and the fact that Atoms are in essence types of solidified concentrated energy. I am led to believe that Energy in all it's forms is the Original uncreated universal constant...


You shouldn't come up in here saying yeah or nay,when both party's are right! It's someones experiences...

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Can energy exist without mass?

I need a little help answering this seemingly simple question: can energy exist without mass? At first I thought this an easy answer. Simply, no. Einsteins famous equation E=mc^2 shows us that energy and mass are directly proportional, so without mass...


E = mc^2 is not the definition of energy. It's just rest energy, not anything else. More appropriately...

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