Does anyone know how many o2 sensors are on a 96 Ranger?

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It depends on what you're setup is. with the I4 you will have 2 O2 sensors with a V6 you will have ...

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My 96' Ford Ranger, 4.0 is idling badly. Smells like gas as well. Changed one of the o2 sensors, coolant temp sensor as well.

It floods itself out, so badly that it even quits at times has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions at all?


Go get a diagnostic check on it, dont change anything untill you have a starting point. Also go get...

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How many o2 sensors does a 96 mazda mx6 have?

My mechanic has fixed the o2 sensor but the check engine light is still reading o2 sensor. I just had an engine swap with the same v6 but I have a hunch that it's from the ford probe, since it's the same engine. With that being said the engine may have...


There should be 2 on the downpipe, 1 directly under each header before they merge. On a 96 there might...

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Where are the o2 sensors located in a 96 mustang stick shift?

My car won't pass smog and my check engine light is on, the test said my "system is too lean". I asked the local auto shop what the problem would be, they said more than less it's my o2 sensors. I'm going to order them but once I get them I...


They are where your headers meet the exhaust. Still on the headers but right near where they connect...

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I have a 96 mustang and the O2 sensors keep failing?

I have had the car for close to 5 months and I am about to put my 2nd O2 sensor in (bank 2 sensor 2, passenger tail pipe), the engine runs great and I have no problems with the car except this. I just recently the check engine light came on and I read...


If you had oil contamination, it would most likely affect the upstream sensor first, not the downstream...

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Just changed MAF sensor, all o2 sensors, fuel filter, and egr valve on 96 Ranger V6 4.0L?

I'm still getting Code p1131 every 25 miles. Whats the problem??


The p1131 if I remember is a lean bank 1 issue. check for vaccum leaks, if it's the SOHC model (single...

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I have a 96 acura tl and i need to know about the oxygen sensors?

I need to replace the O2 sensor for bank one sensor 1. The only problem is there are 2 sensors before the cat, a right and a left. Which one is bank one sensor one?


Bank sensor 1 is the one closest to the engine, usually in the exhaust manifold. The lower ones are...

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I have a 1999 chevy tahoe, i want to know if i can bypass the O2 sensors?

I heard you can but i haven't seen it done, so if anyone knows anything plz let me know !! ty


you can only put in the dummy sensors after the catalyctic convertor.... they are about 160 each......

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Check engine light codes po174/71 on 2002 ford ranger 4.0lt?

i have a 2002 ford ranger with a v6, 4litter. and a last week my check engine light came on. i hooked up a code reader and the scanner said it was code "po171/74 (lean fuel mix). i took it to a mechanic i know and he replaced some o-rings and the...


try a different scan tool, generic OBD-II codes (starting with P0XXX) are next to worthless in diagnosing...

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