Dose anyone know how to make a toga without cutting a sheet?

Let’s learn dose anyone know how to make a toga without cutting a sheet. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Try this site, it has instructions, just ignore the rounded corners, the original Toga had square edges...

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Dose anyone know how to make labels?

Hey! Ok well I sell a lot on e-bay so address labels come in very handy I use tons weekly and I purchased some off of e-bay, but they look like they were easily home made on a computer because they are sent out on a regular sheet of perhaps 30 labels...


Using the labels is so much easier, I do it all the time. I use the Office Depot brand since they are...

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Help me make tiny windows.

Help me make my own window panes for a dollhouse. A while ago I saw a product online for making your own dollhouse glass. It came in a jar and you spread it out on a cookie sheet and baked it. It claimed to look like scaled antique glass when you were...


Something like this? It's not baked, and it only works for windows up to a certain size, but it seems...

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Could I have catatonic schizophrenia?

I'm a daydreamer and often zone out. But there have been a few times where I have been so into my own little world that my friends cannot get my attention by yelling, shaking, or shoving me. I freeze up and am absorbed into my mind. I remember having...


You need to open up completely to your therapist. Tell him about those catatonic states that you described...

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Best doctors for repetitive strain injuries in Boston

I realize that this probably is not a typical question, so let me start by saying that any comments on how to make it better would certainly be appreciated. I am looking for a survey of the best doctors in Boston for someone with a collection of repetitive...


Hello Robbins, I have found physicians for you, from RSI specialists to rheumatologists. I found them...

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I need help with techniques for making a spherical cake?

Hi, I love baking and was hoping to make a globe for a science project. Is there another way to make a globe/sphere shaped cake without bowls? I'm always afraid I won't cook the center properly if inside a bowl, considering I need my cake to have at...


i think using bowls would be ideal, just watch the cooking time and test them periodically. to test...

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asperger's vs. adult add?

I have always had attention problems, but when I was tested in 1993, the tests came back inconclusive: the neuropsychologist concluded that only 7% of my 'issues' was ADD. That was twelve years ago. In my adulthood, I'm having serious problems concentrating...


Regular rigorous exercise is supposed to have some effect too (usually attributed to the resulting increased...

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Repairing an ancient plastic item - what's my best bet?

Can my elderly plastic piece be repaired by myself? What cements and/or techniques should I use? Caveats * I'm not trying to save time or money * I'm not interested in sending the item to anyone, I want to do this myself to learn something...even "...


Not sure how much tolerance you have for this kind of thing, but visit The Compleat Sculptor and check...

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Lexapro and adderall question?

I am a 35 who was diagnosed as a young child with dislexeas and a learning disability. When I was younger ADD/ADHD was not on the radar. About 4 years ago I had a panic attack that had me end up in the hospital! I was in the processes of losing a job...


Adderall is a stimulant, so it can and probably will increase your anxiety. The most important thing...

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How to make a toga without cutting the sheet using 2 safety pins?

i need to make a toga for (believe it or not) a technology in education class. the problem is all the sites i have found either want you to cut the sheet, the directions are really more


Check out youtube. A gazillion videos on how to do it.

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