Does anyone know how to unbuckle the back seat belt in Toyota Rav4?

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Does anyone know how to unbuckle the back seat belt? Toyota Rav4?

How do i unlock the seat belt, i am not sure the year of it but there was a seat belt like thing that comes from the back on the celing and hooks to the middle of the drivers side back seat, I was trying to get my sons car seat in my grandparents car "safely", and I have to get it out tomorrow and today when i tried to unhook it i could not find a button or anything. And i know they dont know. There is a slit though on the side. I nkow it is a 2000 or later modle.


You have to use the key. There is a "U" shaped piece of plastic that you have to push you...

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I have a k reg toyota carina e, it has 3 rear seatbelts one of them being a lap belt does anyone know if i can?

change the rear belt to a proper seat belt and if so how do i go about i need a complete back seat and what car would i get that from to fit mine.any ideas are greatly apreciated thanks.


would be best to fit a harness would need welding to boot floor any other mod would be more work not...

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1) Turn the Car 'ON', but do not start the engine (Leave your foot off the brake). Cycle your trip reset...

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Infant car seat on Toyota rav4 2011?

I wanted to know if anyone else thought it was weird the way that the car seat on the toyota rav4 2011 sat in the car. Because when using the center seat belt for the car seat. The care seat sits more to the right than in the center. I am not sure if...


I was able to find a picture of the back seat online, and there is a bit of an odd seat belt configuration...

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How much does it cost to replace the seat belt buckle in a 2007 Toyota Camry?

Some jerk broke into our car over the weekend, somehow managing to spread the broken glass all over the interior of the car. We're still finding little piles every time we get in or out, and at least one or two pieces have even worked their way into...


Perhaps some handy person could disassemble the buckle assembly and remove the bits of glass. We do...

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Seat belt Light Flashing on Toyota Corolla LE 1998?

When i drive the seat belt light flashes on and off but i do have my seat belt on. Does anyone know why this is happening? The car has 115,000 miles if that is of any help..


Could be the sensor that detects if the belt is fastened or not is going. Or maybe a loose wire.

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Anyone heard of a car seat latch/anchor adapter for 2010 RAV4s?

We have a 2010 RAV4, and the LATCH system bars that are installed are too thick for our children's car seat anchors to attach to them. We have just been using the seat belt method to strap the seats in, but I would really like to be able to get an adapter...


Its very unlikely that they will not fit but what you should do is have the Honda dealership check and...

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Where is the speaker for the no seat belt sensor in a '07 Toyota Matrix?

Hi, My parents recently bought a 2007 Toyota Matrix and it has the most annoying beeping alarm that goes off if your not wearing a seat belt. Does anyone know how to disarm this or where the location of the speaker is so I can cut the F$@!ing wire??...


Under the seat.

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Problem with a 1995 Toyota Corolla Wagon seat belt?

As I was trying to buckle up my driver's side seat belt, it jammed just before I could latch it. Does anyone know how to solve this problem or if Toyota Corporation could be of more



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Toyota Corolla seat belt indicator?

I have a 2006 toyota corolla. It has an audio indicator for leaving lights on, putting on seat belts and also goes off when the car does over 120kph. I know that the unit is on the drivers side (left where I am) behind the dash panels. Can anyone tell...


1. Set the LCD on the combination meter to the ODO trip. 2. Press and hold the TRIP meter reset knob...

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