Does anyone know where I can go to get a legit GED or High school diploma online?

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hi you can get your diploma from Penn fosters college its cheap & legit. It is accredited by DETC...

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Does anyone know if I'd be able to attend this class even though I don't have a high school diploma/GED yet? I'm going into my senior year of high school, doing cyber school. I will be 18 in a bit less than a month. These adult classes are for the spring. I will have enough credits to graduate after my first semester...


It is, and asking Yahoo makes it even more stupid. Go to the source, dink.

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No if you don't finish it now you can't after 21 years old high school kicks you out. A GED is similar...

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im tryna help someone get they life back on track and i would like to know if there's a free website where u can earn ur ged or diploma online for free


You can study for it, but you cannot take the GED online. Only in person, at a test center. http://www...

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I Need Homeschooling, High School and Family Troubles?

Hello, everyone. I need help from anyone here, because my life has been VERY miserable. Anyways, I've been doing horribly in school, since 9th grade actually. I used to be an Honor student at my middle school for many reasons. At middle school, even...


First off, your therapist is probably not giving you useless information. Everyone's sleep cycle is...

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Directive to apprehend? How can I get rid of this? Help PLEASE!?

Hello, I am needing an answer on this A.S.A.P! I am 17 years of age, and I moved out of my grandmother's house last summer. Well actually her boyfriend would not let me come back, and due to the fact that he no longer wanted me living there I had to...


CALL-a legal assistance HOT LINE you are a minor & therefore a legal Guardian HAS to be responsible...

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Can you get a high school diploma if you have a GED?

My fiance is wanting to join the military but with a GED you need so many college credits to enlist. I saw somewhere before that its possible to get your high school diploma even if you already have a GED Does anyone know how we could go about this,...


guess you need to talk to your high school never heard of this

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How to get my high school diploma (NOT A GED) with a social anxiety disorder?

I don't want a GED so please don't tell me how to get that. I want to know how to get my high school diploma, I'm 20 years old and I have a social anxiety disorder that makes me hate the classroom environment and being around people. My family keep thinking...


Maybe online high school? Requires very little face-to-face interaction and is usually very affordable...

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Can my boyfriend have his GED and High school diploma?

My boyfriend is currently attending Job Corps and is taking his GED. All he needs to do is take one more part of the test, and he'll know if he passes or not. He is 16. Today he was talking about coming back home and trying to see if he can get back...


GED is the equivelent of a high school diploma i suggest he goes back to high school because a GED is...

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