Help, how to upload videos on youtube?

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Upload videos - YouTube Help - Google Support

Upload videos to YouTube from your computer. Sign into your YouTube account. Click on Upload at the top of the page. Before you start uploading the video you can ...

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How to get videos from a website to upload on youtube? Please help...?

I am trying to download videos from a music competition website to upload them on youtube, but don't know how to do it, as the url doesn't have any video formats embedded in it. Would be grateful for advice as the videos will be taken off soon.....Many...


just download a program from google.

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Need help! How do you upload videos on facebook and youtube from DROID X?

I've looked on verizon website but there weren't any articles that addressed the issue. Does anybody here know how to upload videos recorded on a DROID X to facebook or youtube???? help would be appreciated.


You must convert the its type to one of the facebook/youtube type files and then upload it. Otherwise...

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videos i recorded. how do i upload it to youtube.


Easy ! Choose a video from your iPhone and on the bottom left corner there is an arrow like button click...

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i have a htc .. and i realy wana upload a video to youtube i cant use wi-fi i use the wire and i need to no how to do it because i duno xD please help me please !


Get a hammer and a hard surface to put your phone on to. You know the rest.

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Please be more specific with your question.

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Videos recorded in AVCHD Lite will not upload to Facebook or Youtube. Help?

I recently bought a Panasonic Lumix ZS3 which is capable of recording in AVCHD Lite and Motion JPEG. I have recorded many videos in the AVCHD Lite format and imported them to my Macbook via iMovie. When I try and upload these videos to Facebook and Youtube...


Since you got the videos into iMovie, just export as a h.264/AVC file - it will save as a MOV file type...

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ok. i have an ipod and i usually upload videos to youtube with it. but i got rid of the account i was sending videos to. i made a new account and i want to send videos to that account but it still wants to send videos to the account i deleted. what do...


put it so it says upload to new account

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I really want to upload some lyric videos in youtube but they always send me an infringement message..HELP?

I have uploaded 1 lyric video in YouTube and really want to add more. What I did is I downloaded 1 music video in YouTube and converted it to mp3 file and made the video and uploaded it in YouTube. For the 2nd video, I did the same thing but YouTube...


maybe they find it potentially offensive

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Please Help me I want to make a sims series but i cant upload videos on youtube!!!?

Help me i just want to know how to upload videos on to youtube from IMovie HD and I have a Mac comp. and i can download anything ending with .zip...I want the videos in one peice!!help me and thank you!!


people should learn the limitations of mac computers

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