How to upload videos to YouTube from my website?

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Is there a way to upload videos to youtube from our Website?

I am developing a website, where I am allowing users to upload videos, but if the members numbers keep on increasing and they keep on uploading more videos it will be expensive for me. So I want to upload the movies to youtube instead, is this possible? By viewing some other posts here, I am thinking it is possible?


You need Youtube API to upload the videos with PHP. There are some ready scripts you can use to upload...

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How to get videos from a website to upload on youtube? Please help...?

I am trying to download videos from a music competition website to upload them on youtube, but don't know how to do it, as the url doesn't have any video formats embedded in it. Would be grateful for advice as the videos will be taken off soon.....Many...


just download a program from google.

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Will I lose video quality if I upload videos on the actual youtube website?

I already did my video project on sony vegas & rendered it "AVI" , but for some reason I keep getting these weird error messages when I try to upload my videos on vegas, so my only choice right now is to upload the videos from the actual...


There's an HD upload option! But it will take twice the time!! Check my channel?

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I want to create a website where peolpe can upload their videos like

Can any one tell me how I can create a website where people can upload their videos? If you dont get this than visit I just want to create a website like a more


Download Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.0 . Through this we you can create a web EVEN BETTER THAN YOUTUBE...

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Do you know where i can make a website that is free and i can upload videos not youtube my own.?

do you know where i can get a website that i can upload videos,pics,and were its are very own not anything like youtube. thank you


Webs and Yola are great places to make free sites, and you can upload your videos with them.

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Is it legal to cut popular dialogues from Game of Thrones, upload them on Youtube, and then embed the Youtube videos on my website?

I want to use videos of famous dialogies on my website.But not sure is it legal or not?


lt is not legal. The producers hv copyright of all elements of the movie. In other words, whatever is...

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Are there other website like youtube?? upload longer videos?

I am interested to know if there are websites like youtube that would allow me to upload a video that is about a half-hour long. Please let me know because I don't want to break my video into 10 min segments. Thanks.

Answer: allow you to do that.

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Whats another website i can upload videos on besides youtube?

Youtube has blocked a tribute video i made in the US and a bunch of other countries. So whats a good place i can upload a vid at without worring about it getting banned in countries?


VideoBB. or if it comes back. Megavideo.

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You will need Grease monkey addon installed on your Firefox. And then download the script which will...

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