Help to transfer video from my video camera to my computer.

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I need help transferring video from camera to computer ?

Hello, I was wondering if somebody can help me with this issue I'm having. I would like to know how I can transer video from video camera to computer and be able to download it to dvd. Is there a client I can use like limewire, ares galaxy, kazaa, etc... ? I just want to be able to transer video onto the computer and download it to a dvd. The camera is a DXG-566V HD Slim. It takes no cassettes or videos. How can I get the video to go on the computer and be able to download it to a dvd ? Thanks in...


Download any video software, for example I have a program for free called any video converter, then...

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Video is 0KB when I transfer it from my digital camera to my computer.. Help please!?

I took a video off my Canon PowerShot SD780, and when I try transferring the video through my computer through my USB cable thing, it says it's 0 KB. I can view it through my camera though, but I don't know why it says it's 0 KB. Please help!


The file transfer is not completing. If you are giving it enough time to complete the transfer, try...

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SAMSUNG L313 camera help, there is only Sound when i transfer the AVI video files to my computer?! HELP!?

Opened with all my programs i use, e.g. WIndows media player, quicktime. Works fine on the Camera, but loss of video when i play it, any suggestions?


My only thought would be if you might have muted you computer sound (turned off you computer audio)...

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Can't transfer video to computer with USB Cable! Help!?

I have a Canon Powershot SX130 IS and my computer sd slot doesn't support the SD card that my camera has. So I have to transfer pictures and videos with the USB cable that it comes with... except that it doesn't work with transfering videos! I am a Youtuber...


Just use Windows Explorer to drag and drop the files

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HD camera video not working on computer- HELP?

I just bought a "Sony Cyber-Shot HD 16.2 MP camera" and i just used it in a concert. Now i want to transfer those videos from my camera to my "Windows XP computer" but it not working, it says the video is not supported or something...


If you are trying to use HD files with Windows Movie Maker, then you are wasting your time. WMM does...

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Video editing websites, and why my camera won't transfer footage with my computer?

I want to make a youtube video and I have a lot of ideas that I really want to put on youtube. My only problem is that I don't know very many video editing websites, and the ones I have used I dont like. Does anyone know of like a list of editing websites...


Bridget: You haven't told us any information that would be helpful. What is the make and model number...

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When I transfer footage from my video camera to my computer why can't I get sound?

When I transfer my footage from my video camera to computer, I don't get any sound on the computer. I'm trying to jazz the footage up a bit to make a movie, but there is no sound! Please help!


We need more detail - what sort of camera is it and how are you transferring the video? What are you...

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Computer won't detect hi8 video camera for editing! Help please!?

I have Mediostream neoDVD software that is supposed to help you transfer hi8 footage to the computer. I have all the adapters: one for audio, and there is a video plug in my computer all ready. I have the camera turned on and everything plugged in but...


Try downloading and running a new driver.

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What is the best way to get my videos on a DVD (Video recorded from AVCHD camera)?

Sorry that this is kind of long...Just trying to give info & detail so I can get the best answer possible. Hey! We got this Camera: Sony HDR-PJ10 and it captures in AVCHD format. I'm not familiar with this at all. It's our first HD/Digital camera...


The best thing you could do, I am not sure it is possible on a MAC, is get a NLE that has the ability...

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Software issues with video camera and transfer lead?

okay (yes, i like to start a question or long answer with okay...)... so for my birthday last year, my dad bought me a camcorder (or video camera, which i prefere to call it)... but as it was a MiniDV camera, i found i had no way to transfer the video...


MiniDV REQUIRES FIREWIRE. No way around it. You should load your software on another PC with Firewire...

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