How can I transfer video from a dvr box to a computer?

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Hey TV Guy, if you are out there, How do you transfer video footage from a Direct TV DVR box to my computer?

.....or to my DVR Video camera so I can transfer it to computer. There is some footage that I want to enter into Windows Movie Maker to condense into a shorter program and then transfer to DVD.


The only sure way is by doing a video playback on the DVR and then capturing it on your PC using a video...

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How do you transfer DVR recordings to a computer?

i have optimum IO cable, with DVR. I want to move my recordings to my PC but the only option they give is to copy to VCR, which is basically just playing the recording and then you record it on the VCR. I don't have video capture on my computer though...


Unfortunately you cannot transfer the shows to your PC any faster than real time. Normally the DVR's...

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Transfer hd content from DVR to PC?

I would like to know if there is any way to transfer hd content previously recorded on a Time Warner Cable dvr to a computer. The dvr has two firewire ports, however, I believe they can only be used to capture live video... right? Optimally, I would...


You can capture recorded shows via FireWire, and yes, you have to do it in real time. The link below...

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I have a DVR box thru our cable company, ...?

can we transfer a tv program that is saved to the DVR hard box to a different format so that it can be transfered between tv's or on a computer, etc. The problem I see with using the dvr vs. a video tape is that you cannot take the DVR recording to a...


It may depend on your provider and box manufacturer. Worst case it could be (painfully) done via a video...

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How can I transfer video from my DVR to my computer?

I have the Super Bowl on my comcast dvr and I'm getting directv soon. How can I get that video off of my dvr and save it somewhere else, like my computer? Is there any way to do more


The other answers are correct that you can play and record the video, but there are other ways of doing...

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How do I transfer movies & shows from my dvr box to my computer?

I have a VerizonFios TV box & I was just wondering how could I transfer the movies & shows I recorded on the box to my computer? I have 15 ft usb cable but no program. I'm mainly looking for a free program that would help me enable this. Know...


You cannot the way you are thinking. What you need is a piece of hardware called a video capture device...

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Is it possible to upload video to a computer from a Comcast DVR box?

I have a video on my DVR box that I would like to put on my computer.


Yes. I've done it several times. Follow the link in RockRatt's answer (hmm, I wonder where he got than...

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How can I transfer video from my Motorola DVR to my computer?

I would like to beable to archive video to DVD format. My DVR has USB outputs among others..


Jigsaw HC is correct in your case, the USB ports are not actived and are only for the purpose of connecting...

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Is it possible to download recorded video from your cable box dvr to your computer? If so, how?

I am wanting to save some of the tv shows I've recorded on my cable box DVR (Moxi manfacturered). How can I get the save shows off and store them on a DVD so I can keep them? If more


Well, you COULD get a dvd that writes as its playing (records whats being played) and record stuff to...

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Can you connect to your DVR box using its IP address with a computer?

I have a Directv HD-DVR box and I want to transfer recorded stuff to my computer. I have a macbook pro and use Cyberduck to connect to my Iphone via ssh and wondering if I can do something similar with my DVR. I have the IP address to my DVR and all...


Not on most provider DVRs, DirecTV included. Providers (and studios) do not want their customers to...

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