How do you import video from a Sony Handycam to a computer?

Let’s learn how do you import video from a Sony Handycam to a computer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How to make my Sony Handycam DCR-DVD610 import video to my computer?

I have a Sony Handycam DCR-DVD610 model. I installed the Picture Motion Browser disc that came with the camera, and followed the instructions on how to connect the camera to my computer. The computer recognizes the camera, but everytime I open PMB, and try to import media, the computer says "The Drive is in use by another program", however I don't have any other programs opened ? Does anyone know how to fix this error, or how to upload my videos a different way using PMB.


Minidvd You will have to finalize your dvd in the camera and then put the dvd in your computer's DVD...

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How do I download/upload/import video from my Sony HandyCam SX63 via USB to computer?

I'm doing this for the first time. I connected the cable. I downloaded PMB from the CD. I connected the cable. On the camera screen, I select USB Connection for internal memory. Then it says Preparing... and it never stops. Does "preparing"...


My camcorder has to be in review playback mode. Your pc/laptop might not be compatible with your camcorders...

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what program did you use? ALSO try VLC Media player find it on google by typing in VLC it is free and...

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How to import video from Sony CCD-TRV128?

OK, so i started filming skateboarding with my old camera after my friends sony handycam was stolen. I need to import the video i have gotten onto my computer to start editing and making montages and such. the only ports on this camera are A/V out, RFU...


Your Sony CCD-TRV128 is an analog, Hi8 tape based, camcorder. You need the cable that connects to the...

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How can I import video from my Sony Camcorder?

I have a Sony Hybrid Handycam, (not sure what kind it is so i'm just going to write whats on the side of the cam and whatnot) Carl Zeiss Varlo-Tessar 25xOptical zoom Dcr-Dvd710 I'm running a 64bit windows 7 and whenever I try to import the video i get...


MINIDVD If you have a mini dvd camcorder . You will have to finalize your dvd in the camera and then...

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Very slow video import from camcorder to computer?

I have always been able to very easily pull up video from my trusty old digital camera (Canon PowerShot SD500); just plug it in by USB and follow the directions. However, when I want the new Sony DCR-DVD308 Handycam video to export to the computer (HP...


I'm not sure what the camcorder's doing to make things so slow, but you don't need to transfer your...

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Sony Picture Utility needed for handycam?

So basically, I recently moved from XP to 7. I had a Sony Handycam DCR DVD308 I got around 2008. On the old computer I had two things called Sony Picture Browser (which I didnt seem to need) and Sony Picture Utility that has a thing that let me import...


still think you should upgrade your camera... I say this because first....xp to window is a "big...

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Can you help me with my sony video camera?

I have a Sony Handycam DCR-HC90. I also have a cable that plugs it into my HP Windows Vista computer. I only have a few videos that I want to transfer because I got a new camera. I have no idea how to get the videos onto my computer. They are on a mini...


The Sony DCR-HC90 is a miniDV tape based camcorder (not "miniDVD"). ALL miniDV tape based...

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How to import with a dvd-rw handycam?

I have a Sony Handycam that burns to a DVD, the only problem is I don't know how to import the video file onto my computer for editing. It finalizes the DVD and creates it into dvd files. I need it to be one file that i can import to Sony Vegas for it...


Vegas has an option for importing from the DVD - File / Import / DVD Camcorder Disk

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My video clips won't import?

I have a Sony handycam DCR-DVD305 and I am trying to import video clips from a dvd into iMovieHD. The camera has successfully imported clips before but now it will not import them. It does not even recognize that the camera is attachted to the computer...


Since iMovieHD will not recognize the USB for importing video I don't know how you got it done before...

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