How do i import videos from my Sony Handycam?

Let’s learn how do i import videos from my Sony Handycam. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I import my videos from my Sony Handycam to a Macbook?

How do I import the videos from my Sony Handycam dcr-dvd110, to a Macbook, so I can use the footage to edit on I-movie? I didn't have problems importing the footage to my Windows XP computer, but now I have got a Macbook and have no idea how to get the...


Try Sony HDR Video Converter for Mac

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Rather than importing the videos, you can RIP them directly from your computer's DVD drive - that is...

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How do you import videos to the computer with the Sony DCR-DVD108 Handycam?

I purchased the Sony DCR-DVD108 Handycam and filmed many videos on the Sony DVD-RW. I installed the software to import media files to my computer without the internet because I was waiting for a router. So of course I can't register. Once I installed...


If you have a mini dvd camcorder…. For a reg mini DVD you will have to finalize your dvd in the...

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How to import Sony HandyCam videos onto iMovie?

Hi. I am currently trying to import videos from my handycam onto imovie. I have it connected to the computer, and all the cam corder has said for the past ten minutes is "connecting... Do not unplug the USB cable. Do not turn off the power."...


Handycam is Sony's generic name brand for all their consumer camcorders regardless of storage media...

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I have a SONY Handycam and I can't import my videos onto my Mac Desktop. Help?

It is telling me that my videos are not video files (.mpg) also: The file could not be imported: The file “Macintosh HD/Volumes/NO NAME/MP_ROOT/101PNV01/M2U00115.MPG” can’t be imported; QuickTime couldn’t parse it: -2048 and then...


Whats the make and model of your camera? cannot answer if there are no details. Sorry RR

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When i import videos onto my computer from my Sony handycam hdr sr11 and try to open it, its just a picture?

so im trying to put videos on my computer but it only comes out as the picture of the first second of the video. I really need to import them and it says its a photo too! help please


Use a video editor (Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere - among others) that can deal with the MTS files captured...

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Why can't I import my Sony Handycam Videos and pictures onto Windows Movie Maker?

Me and my friend do vids all the time and i cant do them with my video camera. We always do them with hers. And for example i want to put these videos on youtube. And they are all together and i cant cut them up on Movie Maker. Do i need to download...


All DV tape based camcorders (miniDV, HDV, and Digital8) are directly compatible with Windows Movie...

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How to Import Videos from SONY Handycam DCR-TRV14E Camcorder to Computer via USB Cable?

I have a USB cable that is currently plugged into my laptop but I don't know how to transfer the videos to my computer via the USB cable. I have it plugged in and it is not doing anything, nothing in the my computer folder either! Please explain in a...


Hi, I am a videographer. I can answer your question: You can't import your video on a USB. Why? Because...

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I have a sony handycam DCR-DVD508 and i'd like to import it's videos onto my new macbook.?

how can i do this so i can edit it on imovie? the format usually are in .mov's i have the importing program but its for a pc :( (so it won't install :( ) what can i do? other than get a new camera :P


iMovie will only import codecs that it can edit. iMovie can import MP4, DV, Apple Intermediate Codec...

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How to import videos from sony handycam to computer?

model no.- dcr-trv355e videos are on cassete


You can import through capture card or TV tuner card.If you are using either one of it, fix to your...

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