How do i transfer video from a Mini DV tape to my Computer?

Let’s learn how do i transfer video from a Mini DV tape to my Computer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I transfer video from the Mini DV Tape to computer?

I have a mini DV tape, which contains video I took. How do I transfer it to computer for editing? I need to know what is the machine call...??? Thanks.


Here's a helpful guide:…

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How do I transfer my video footage on a Mini DV tape to my computer for editing.?

I just bought a ZR 850 from Canon. The software that it came with doesnt allow to transfer the video into the computer, It is for still images only. Is there any other way to tranfer the tape footage to the computer without additional software.


Depending on the features available in your camcorder model, here are a few things that you can do to...

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Is there a way to transfer a mini dv tape to my computer, if I don't have a video camera.?

Is there something I can put my maxwell mini dv tape in, that has a cord where i can plug the cord into my computer and transfer the video recordings i have on the tape to my computer? If you answer Thank You!!


Yes. It's called a tape deck/tape recorder. The only problem is that these are usually a lot more expensive...

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How do i move files from my mini dv cameras sd card to my computer?

I have a jvc mini dv with a mini dv tape and an SD card. I want to transfer my video files to my computer but dont have a firewire port i think anyways so what do i need to move the files from the card?can i just plug the usb into my camera then transfer...


Your JVC miniDV camcorder probably has a DV port. Connect a firewire cable to the camcorder's DV port...

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How to import a video from my mini dv camera to my computer as a video file?

I have a Panasonic PV-GS39. It uses a mini dv tape and i want to transfer the video it has on the tape to my computer. how would i do so? please help


You will need a IEEE-1394 (FireWire, i.LINK) interface cable and your computer will need to have a FireWire...

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How to copy video from DV to computer?

I made this video for my film class but I'm having trouble transferring over from the mini DV tape into a computer using Final Cut Pro. I tried Log and Capture but after that, I don't know how to save the video in the computer without having to use the...


You did not tell us which Mac. When I use Final Cut and import, I use "Capture" and pull the...

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Mini DV Camcorder question?

I have a used Canon GL1 mini DV camcorder I have mini DV's for it, a remote, charger and lens hood....that's about it I'm hoping someone can assist me in my complete ignorance about this I'm looking to make a home movie on Mac do I transfer...


1. Apple wrote the computer specifications for miniDV, so yes it is compatible with iMovie. 2. You will...

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Where can i buy a mini dv player/recorder for my computer?

I Have a Camera that records video on a mini dv tape. i cant use the usb corderd becuase it wont register. I Just need a mini dv reader/recorder to transfer video onto my computer through USB.


MiniDV tape data cannot transfer through a USB port. A USB port has no where near fast enough data transfer...

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Sharp ViewcamZ VL-Z7, how transfer video file to computer..?

how do i transfer my video file from the handy video camera to my computer..? its a miniDV camera which records the video to a cassete (tape)ie Mini DV i have the necssary accessories such as a data cable... but i dont have a PC suite Disc, so where...


The Sharp VL-Z7U camcorder is a miniDV tape based camcorder - you know this. It has a 4-pin DV port...

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Whats a good mini dv transfer dock kinda thing?

ok so i have lots and lots of tapes to transfer from tapes to computer (the tapes are mini DV's) i usually attach a firewire from my camera to my computer then import it that way, but since it has to play through the entire video (about 40 minutes on...


Not really. This is unfortunately one of the few drawbacks of MiniDV tape when compared to other formats...

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