How Can I add yahoo Messenger contacts into my Yahoo mail contacts?

Let’s learn how Can I add yahoo Messenger contacts into my Yahoo mail contacts. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I remove people from Contacts in Yahoo messenger?

I was in Yahoo mail and I opened Yahoo Messenger, someone sent me a message wanting to add me, so I went ahead and added them to my contacts. They sent me a solitation to come to their web-cam website. I turned them down and now I want to block them in Yahoo messenger but I don't know how to remove them from my contacts.


In Mail, there are two ways to appear permanently offline to someone. Here’s how to block them...

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Is there a way to add contacts to YAHOO! Messenger in YAHOO! Mail?

Is there a way to add people to your contacts list on YAHOO! Messenger in YAHOO! Mail? I have been looking and looking and I can't seem to find an Add Contact button or an option that lets me do that. On Windows Live Hotmail, you can sign into the messenger...


To add contact on your yahoo email. As soon as you sign in and go to your email page, the contact option...

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To add contacts, click Contacts on the toolbar and then Add Contacts, following the prompts there after...

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Does any1 know how to add messenger contacts on Yahoo?? bcos i am new and i don't know how to!! and its anoyn!

any1 know how to add contacts on to yahoo messenger and if so could you explain with a lot of detail and could you add people from yahoo answers. ahhh i don't like being new to mail sites!!


How do I add a contact? Ready to add to your list? (You can add up to 300 contacts to your Messenger...

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In Yahoo! Mail, how to stop the pop-up requests from other users asking to be added to your Yahoo! IM contacts?

When signing in to Yahoo! Mail, the first thing that hits me is a pop-up box from some person requesting me to add them to my Contact List over Yahoo! Instant Messenger. Rarely are any of these people, individuals that I know. You can deny that request...


just to right of your name at top left of mail page you will see a tiny on it and on drop...

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How do I completely shut off Yahoo Messenger from Yahoo Mail?

I'm a long time paid Yahoo Mail user and I use the Web2.0-ish UI to access Yahoo Mail. I was recently "lucky" enough to have the Yahoo Messenger integration switched on in my Yahoo Mail, except all of this luck is bad because every time I log...


Try this: Go to Start, Run, and type in msconfig. Click on the Startup tab at the top, then run down...

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How do you STOP RECEIVING chat requests from Messenger in Yahoo Mail?

Despite being signed out of Yahoo Messenger and even though I've blocked anyone NOT on my contact list I STILL receive chat requests from Yahoo Mail. Today's unwanted message says, "Tari Magoveny (tarimagoveny4810) would like to add you to his or...


I too have found the same problem, in fact I tried to google a solution and found your question. There...

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How do I prevent messenger member list to be shown in my yahoo mail address book?

The problem is that my Yahoo messenger contacts are added to my yahoo mail address book in an automatic way, against my wish. Not all of the yahoo messenger members are important enough for me, and I don`t want to add all of them into my mail address...


I have used the forms listed below and was very pleased with the quick response and helpful information...

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I accidently signed up for a Yahoo! India account with my Yahoo! Messenger...How can I fix this problem?

I do not know how it happened but I misstakingly added the India! Yahoo! account to my Web browser and I do not know how to change my information...My regular e-mail account is the USA Yahoo! but my Yahoo! Messenger account is from India...Please advise...


Hey Dawn, Sounds like the root of the problem is your original mistake made in the browser and the interpretation...

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Can I add contacts on yahoo messenger from mobile? I wont install yahoo on pc, but its my msn back up account?

I have some problems with MSN messenger mobile on the phone these days so I decided to make a yahoo messenger account. But can I add my contacts from yahoo mail (not messenger) or my phone?


In Messenger, click Messenger on the Tool bar and scroll to Sign into a Mobile Device, during the course...

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