How do I disable Yahoo messenger on my new Yahoo mail?

Let’s learn how do I disable Yahoo messenger on my new Yahoo mail. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I disable my yahoo mail which is connected to my yahoo messenger?

One of my yahoo account suddenly quit working. It is telling me that my password is invalid to which I am certain that I'm typing the correct one. It seems to me that somebody is using it because my messenger ID goes online sometimes. I assumed that somebody change the information in my sign-up because I cannot retrieve my password at all. Is there anyway I can disable my account?


Yahoo gives you choice to retrieve password. Why don't you retrieve the password and change it. In yahoo...

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In new Yahoo Mail, how do I disable Yahoo Messenger?

In the new Yahoo Mail, under Options - Messenger Options - Privacy, I have 'Block all users not in my contact list' selected. I only have 5 people in my contacts list and to the best of my knowledge none of them use Messenger. Despite this, when viewing...


I was just told Options... like you said, he said it worked. Maybe it is just another new mail problem...

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How do you disable Yahoo! Messenger permanently in the new mail version?

I click sign out in the left hand pane of my mail page but every time navigate back, I'm signed back into messenger. The only "messenger options" I find have nothing to more


Has this been resolved yet? It drives me NUTS! I will be typing away in an email, and all of a sudden...

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How to disable auto sign-in to Messenger in Yahoo Mail?

When opening or accessing Yahoo Mail, Messenger automatically signs in. How do I disable this or, at least have it sign in as invisible?


I am having the same problem. I am livid. How many customers is yahoo about to lose due to this? They...

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How do I disable the built-in messenger on yahoo mail from signing me in?

Whenever I login to check my mail, it also signs me in to the built in messenger. I tried to click the "Sign Out of Messenger" but when I refresh the page, it signs me back more


Same here - after signing out, supposedly " offline" being the default now, It majically activates...

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How to permanently delete, disable and/or sign out of messenger in the new ATT/Yahoo mail?

Do NOT want to use this feature...or even have it running in the background. Want it gone!


Hi! The issue with Yahoo! Messenger in Mail should be resolved now and it should no longer sign you...

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How do i permanently disable messenger in yahoo mail?

i am plagued by spammers, lonely hearts, and plain old fools asking me too add then msgr, when i'm just seriously just trying my read mail. I am now disabled using my left hand only, since my right is no longer working due nerve damage and I was righthanded...


there is no way to disable it. the only thing you can do is NOT to get online. you can be OFFLINE/SIGN...

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Turn off/disable yahoo mail alerts in messenger?

How do I stop getting the useless and bothersome messages saying I've got yahoo mail? Previous answers have said to change settings thru the yahoo toolbar but I do not have one on my browsers nor find one in either messenger or yahoo mail. I need messenger...


Open up yahoo messenger, click on messenger and go to preferences. You'll get a box of options. Go to...

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Since yahoo mail inside the Yahoo messenger is an integrated service,it may not be possible to disable...

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Yahoo Mail now has a chat feature In both the classic mail and the new Yahoo Mail. What you need to...

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