How Can I get Home Schooled Online in Canada?

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Canadian Home Based Learning Resource Page

How many homeschoolers are there in Canada? by Marian Buchanan. There is no way to know how many homelearning children there are in the many provinces in which there ...

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How do you get home schooled in Canada?

I might be moving to Canada soon and i was just wondering how can you get home schooled there?



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I want to be home schooled in another country?

I am in 11th grade and I want to be home schooled in Canda. I live in Florida as of now, but we have a house in Canada and i just want to get away.


is not bad if you wish to home schooled in another country then that's a good idea wish you all the...

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How can I get home schooled?what do I have to do to get home schooled?

I live in Illinois.and I'm 16.I can't concentrate in school that's why I want to get home schooled.PLEASE HELP


We live in Illinois.The state requires very little to home school.Check out state board...

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Will I get lonely and bored being home schooled?

Today was my last day of regular school. I am 15 and a sophomore in high school. Starting in January after Winter break, I will be home schooled. All though technically I should call it home hospitalized. I was diagnosed with severe depression and generalized...


Lexi- I'm not sure if this will answer your question or not, but I think being homeschooled is all about...

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If I get home-schooled?

I'm currently in my second year of A Levels and wanted to get home-schooled because I think I'll get better grades if I do... If I was to just leave my school now and get home schooled would I still be able to get into university next year? Thanks


well at this time, i don't know if it's not too later. but i'm a senior and i got into homeschooling...

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How can i get home schooled?

i want to get home schooled online for a year. (many reasons). but my dad works all day, so is there a way i can still get home schooled ONLINE without him having to be home? hes the only parent/guardian in my house.


I'm not sure how old you are, but the main issue would be whether you are old enough to be left alone...

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How do I get out of high school and get home schooled?

I'm in my senior year and pregnant, so i want to spend the first semester of my senior year at home , but being home schooled. What do I have to do to be home schooled? Help more


You just file an affidavit online! Simple as that. It says "private school" and that is fine...

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Can A 12 Year Old Get Home schooled Online?

Im 12 Years Old And Want To Get Home Schooled But My Mom Doesn't Have The Time To So Is There A Way I Can Get Home Schooled Online What Would I Need To Do And Get Does It Cost A lot If So How Much And Any More Details Would Help


Yes, you can most definitely homeschool from now. Based on your situation, online is best. It can be...

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I want to get home schooled?

ok im 16 and im gonna be a sophomore i really want to get home schooled for a year so i can get a job and still do good in school, and my mom won't let me get home schooled but more


Ultimately, it is your parent(s) who will make the decisions about your education. I do not see where...

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