How Do I Scan On A Printer/Scanner?

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How do I do a batch scan on a HP PSC 1200 Series printer/scanner/copier?

I have a HP PSC 1200 Series printer, that can also scan, and copy. I want to scan photos from an album of ours but there are lots of photos and scanning them one by one is taking a lot of time. Is there a way to scan them by batches?


I have the same printer and it is not likely to do several scans at one time. I always scan 2-5 pictures...

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How to Stop TCP FIN SCAN on Mac?

I have a MAC and possibly could have something on the machine? Needing some help here to determine what it could be. The log shows they are all from OUTBOUND. So does that mean someone/something is scanning my machine from outside or is there something...


Post over in 'Networking'; someone there might be able to help. Delete this Q when done.

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How do you scan a document to your computer?

I'm using an HP Photosmart C5550 All-In-One Printer and I use Vista. I pressed "Start Scan" on the printer and then selected "Scan to Computer" but whenever I do that I get this: Scan Problem: Try starting scan from computer. Refer...


The documentation is wrong on that model. First of all, lets start fresh. Power on the HP and remove...

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How do you do a Full Scan in ESET NOD32 Antivirus?

I have ESET NOD32 antivirus scan installed in my computer but i'm not sure how to do a full scan. It only says Smart scan(Local disk scan) and Custom scan(Selection of scan profile and targets to scan).


You would have to use the customs scan and select all possible options.

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How do i scan from my computer?

i have a hp all-in-one (photosmart 4680) and i want to scan a document. for some reason, when i push the scan button, a notice comes up to say "Scan Error" and it tells me to scan FROM my computer. so how do i scan FROM my computer because...


Your printer should have come with a software disk. You might not have installed the full software which...

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How do i scan a image to my computer with Hp photo smart C4100?

when ever i try to scan a picture it always says scan and reprint or scan to memory card but i want it to scan to my computer i've tryed scan and reprint to see if it would show up on the computer first but it didn't. So how do i scan images to my computer...


Yo buddy, go in the START menu and start the scanning software that was installed for your unit. Go...

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How do I scan my email with ClamXav?

ClamXav is a virus scanner for Mac computers and I think I have a virus in my email somewhere.. I went to preferences and clicked on scan email files but how do I get it to actually scan it? I have to choose the folder(s) to scan before I can start the...


Your email is stored in ~/Library/Mail, just scan that folder. You can also set up ClamXav Sentry to...

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How to scan in mass effect 3?

Hey, Im playing Mass effect 3 and I have to do the first scanning quest called Shrike Abyssal: Prothean Obelisk, its a side mission and you have to scan the planet called Talis Fia. But every time I select the planet or any planet it doesnt come up with...


You may have scanned it already, and if that is true, then you just need to return and give it up. Sometimes...

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How can I get Avast to not scan Rosetta Stone?

I trust Rosetta Stone. When I run a virus scan it takes over 2 days to scan Rosetta Stone. I have 3 languages on it. I'm using a laptop so it's a problem. The scan slows down my computer. How could I get it not to scan Rosetta Stone when I run a full...


There is usually a way to tell the Anti-Virus to ignore specific directories, not being familiar with...

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How do I scan a document onto my mac laptop?

I have a bunch of pictures I want to scan onto my computer, but I don't know how. I have an HP Photosmart printer and I know it scans (considering it says "scan" on it) but I'm not sure which specific model it is. I tried just pressing "...


it sounds like the scanning software is not installed. Look in the HP folder for the Scanner software...

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